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1glamrn has 1 years experience and specializes in Mental Health.

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  1. 1glamrn

    PMHNP UT Tyler

    Did you apply for entry into Spring 2021?
  2. 1glamrn

    UAB Summer 2021 MSN NP Applicants

    @ShockEmRN I understand trying to find another institution offering that degree might be quite limiting. Same here the paper was the most time consuming, for sure!
  3. 1glamrn

    UAB Summer 2021 MSN NP Applicants

    @ShockEmRN I am applying for the Psychiatric NP concentration. I believe the instruction on essay suggest including evidence based so that’s why I included references. I have about 3 in text citations as well. I’m hoping it correctly formatted also LOL are you applying to any other schools?
  4. 1glamrn

    UAB Summer 2021 MSN NP Applicants

    @ShockEmRN I am in the proof reading phase now also! I’ve never had to write a statement with References LOL. Wishing us both the best of luck! I’m overall a 3.35 undergrad However I believe last 60 is about 3.45. I have 3yrs exp in Pysch. 1.5 as an RN. I’m currently a clinical nurse supervisor on a psych unit. Hopefully this gives my application a boost!
  5. Hi Everyone, Just thought I'd start a thread for all possible UAB Summer 2021, NP prospects. Has any one applied thus far? If so, what is your concentration and stats (GPA, yrs of exp, etc) I'd love to stay connected as we progress on this journey!