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Hospital Communications, PBX Operator, Code Calls

Current pre-Nursing student at SPC, working full-time at a hospital paging out codes. That's it. That's pretty much me right now...

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AngusBeef specializes in Hospital Communications, PBX Operator, Code Calls.

I'm going back to school for nursing so right now I'm getting all my pre-reqs done. All the while, I have a full-time job and a full-time family and a full-time need to begin my nursing journey. OH!, also I'm a dude so...

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  1. AngusBeef

    College algebra or elementary statistics?

    It's the same for me now....it may've been better if I had a lecture component instead
  2. AngusBeef

    College algebra or elementary statistics?

    I've taken up to Calc in college and I'm now taking Stats as a prereq for Nursing School... IMO stats is more difficult...
  3. AngusBeef

    Bjorn Hall Stethoscopes?

    All good points. Thanks for your perspective
  4. AngusBeef

    Frustrated seasoned nurse

    I'm only a pre-nursing student but I do work in a hospital. I've noticed that the hospital will have nursing internships posted, usually alongside the Nurse Residency programs for new grads. Perhaps your system has something similar?
  5. AngusBeef

    SPC Spring 2021 Applicants

    Yeah it's pretty great. From what I understand, it's a 2-yr contract you have to sign up front to work after graduation. And with BayCare, new grad nurses start as a Nurse Resident which is a yr-long program that automatically phases you into the ent...
  6. AngusBeef

    SPC Spring 2021 Applicants

    @MaNixon it's definitely an option but, as you can tell, I'm still gathering info on everything and weighing them all...
  7. AngusBeef

    SPC Spring 2021 Applicants

    @MaNixon I'd have thought they would include those courses on the list of classes available next semester. Do you think they don't maybe?
  8. AngusBeef

    SPC Spring 2021 Applicants

    Thank you both for taking the time to give me your input! And fingers crossed on being one of the next!! Keep in mind that SPC has the EAYL program with BayCare so some of those spots that are showing already as enrolled may be from that...
  9. AngusBeef

    Do you think it is a mistake going into nursing for me?

    hey there! I'm sorta in the same boat here: I'm a couple months out from 34 with 2 kids and I'm taking my prereqs now. If everything goes to plan, I should be applying to nursing school in just over a year (I'm only taking part-time class loads b/c I...
  10. AngusBeef

    SPC Spring 2021 Applicants

    Congrats to everyone! I'm so glad that y'all got it in and I'm excited for you to start this wonderful journey!! Speaking of, has anyone thought about which stethoscope they might get? More to the point, has any one considered the Bjorn Hall ...
  11. AngusBeef

    SPC Spring 2021 Applicants

    I'm sure you'll do great! But IF you need to reapply, that's a pretty good plan...
  12. AngusBeef

    SPC Spring 2021 Applicants

    OH! I didn't use the What-If Report for that image. I got it from the Registration part in MySPC, as if I was going to sign up for NUR 1021C
  13. AngusBeef

    SPC Spring 2021 Applicants

    Is the image not showing up?
  14. AngusBeef

    SPC Spring 2021 Applicants

    they do have the classes listed for Spring 2021. please see below:
  15. AngusBeef


    Here are the requirements for my hospital as posted on our job board: RN Case Mangement - Hospital Care Coordinator Description The Hospital Care Coordinator - RN Case Management provides linkage, monitoring, planning and advoca...
  16. AngusBeef

    CNA before/while in nursing school....

    I'm not quite the same age (nearly 34 now) but I'm also taking care of prereqs in prep for nursing school. The program I'll be applying to will actually have us work as Nursing Assistants at the hospital where we'll do our clinicals (it's part of a p...