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Current pre-Nursing student at SPC, working full-time at a hospital paging out codes. That's it. That's pretty much me right now...

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I'm going back to school for nursing so right now I'm getting all my pre-reqs done. All the while, I have a full-time job and a full-time family and a full-time need to begin my nursing journey. OH!, also I'm a dude so...

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  1. AngusBeef

    SPC Spring 2021 Applicants

    T-12 days & counting until decision day...
  2. AngusBeef

    Trying to find job in West FL

    Hey were you able to find anything? How'd the move go?
  3. Hey. Have you been already accepted to the QCC nursing program or are you going there to take the prereqs for the nursing program and then applying? Just curious....

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    2. AngusBeef


      I think so. I hope so! LOL

      actually the program I’m going to apply to will have me working as a nursing assistant in the weekend after Term 1 is complete so it’s got to be possible

    3. Neha


      LOL, keep me updated about your nursing program, okay! Can't wait for you to start as a nursing student😊

    4. AngusBeef


      Same here!

  4. AngusBeef

    SPC Spring 2021 Applicants

    I'm actually pre-Nursing at SPC & taking my prereqs still, so I was hoping I might be able to get some recommendations on professors. I still have Ethics, Stats, World Religions, A&P 2 w/ lab, & Micro w/ lab before I'll get to apply
  5. That's pretty awesome!
  6. I'm doing prereqs now at 33. I'll be 35 when I apply & 36 when I start. So that means I'd be 38 (or at least within days of it) at graduation
  7. AngusBeef

    Bjorn Hall Stethoscopes?

    Has anyone used any of the Bjorn Hall line of stethoscopes? It seems like it might be a pretty good buy with similar acoustics to the Littman Classic III but with a longer & more slick tubing that would allow for increased reach and reduce the grabbing of neck hairs if you wear it around your neck. Thanks in advance!