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DEADPOOH has 3 years experience as a RN.

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    American Sentinel University it is!

    Another question, sorry. Was it necessary to purchase the books for the SimPath program? How helpful were the books (if purchased and used for the courses)?
  2. Hi, I'm a RN (ADN) in the lower north/central NJ area. I have 1 yr of OR exp and 1 yr of home care exp. - along with 3 yrs of military time. I'd like to get into correctional nursing - the only job opportunities I see are from agencies on Indeed. I'd much rather get into the city/county/state type positions (for a career/longterm benefits). Does anyone have any information that could help in this process? Thanks

    American Sentinel University it is!

    Very nice. Thanks again

    Interested in IR nursing

    First, I'd like to thank everyone for all of the information above - super helpful! I do have a question: What can I do to get my foot in the door as far as an IR position? I have 1 yr of peds OR exp., 1 yr home care exp. (along with non-medical military exp.). I'm all about the attention to detail and intricacies. I've applied to an IR RN position (application status says "under review"). Just not sure if I even have a shot or I should move on - even though from these descriptions of the job, I'm hooked.

    VA extended care /community living center

    Hi, have you started working in this position? If so, how is it? How many pt's do you usually have? What's the work itself like - skills, tasks, coworkers? How was the interview? Sorry for a lot of questions, but thank you!

    Please....Resume Help Needed!

    Still unsure how to feel about the ATS software. I have a fellow nurse friend who is extremely intelligent and more than capable - has incredible potential. However, he lacks in the resume writing department, and I believe that it holds him back from getting the more competitive nursing positions.

    Passed NCLEX in 60 questions (my story & tips) 8/03

    I'm sure soon-to-be nurses appreciate tips. I appreciate seeing nurses helping nurses, too.

    School nurses facing a pandemic head-on

    Thank you to the school nurses out there! As a nurse myself, I appreciate nurses who can fulfill the nursing positions that aren't the greatest fit for myself -- we all have our strengths and weaknesses. Everyone has their role.
  9. Great to see that humanity still exists! Nurses ftw! Thanks for sharing - great story.
  10. Also, I remember from me nursing program how much smoking affects SO many aspects of human health on the cellular level. My mind was somewhat blown.
  11. It's good to see that there's at least some advancement being made on smoking cessation. Small steps lead to larger ones.
  12. Thank goodness! It's important to be able to collaborate with other nurses - great for education, emotional support, opportunities, and insight. Keep up the phenomenal work!

    PACT RN / CBOC Role

    Hi Kelzp, Wondering if you've started working in this position yet? I'd love to ask you some questions about it. Thanks

    VA PACT RN vs Nurse Manager

    Hi JerseyGirl1213, Wondering if you're now in primary care with the VA? If so, did the veterans' preference help? Thanks

    VA Hiring Process During COVID

    Oh OK. The position I applied for is an ambulatory/clinic type position I believe. I have 1 yr of peds OR experience and 1 yr of home care exp. - not sure how helpful that'll be. Thank you for sharing your experience with the hiring process, much appreciated!

    VA Hiring Process During COVID

    Hi Toya2xcel and Loudwheeels, I've applied for a VA RN position. Just beginning to study some performance questions. Do either of you recall about how many questions they asked you? I really want this position. I'm a veteran myself. Just nervous and worried about answering the questions well.. Thank you