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  1. ODU NP program Review

    Hello! I just got accepted into ODU MSN program and wanted to know if anyone can give me their review/opinion on the program? I’m open to hearing experiences from ANY of the MSN programs
  2. ODU NP program Review

    Part time! I’m still working full time until clinical
  3. ODU NP program Review

    Hey!! I actually don’t start until the 27th of this month!!
  4. USA vs. ODU FNP programs

    Heyy!! I start ODU’s NNP program in august and was curious to know if you would send me the syllabus for the first couple of classes? I know things are different and based on professor but I just wanted a sneak peak into what I’m getting in...
  5. Inova

    Hi all! I wanted to start a thread for those applying to Inova health systems! I just scheduled my zoom interview for October 19!!
  6. So I have been there for about a month, and completely get what you are saying! I came from another NICU as well and my expectations were also high and I was pretty let down by the environment on the night shift... so much so I was ready to quit... b...
  7. NNP program

    Hi everyone I am looking to start a NNP program very soon and was wondering if anyone can recommend a online program with synchronized classes once a week. I kno there will be onsite visits for skills and I’m OK with that!
  8. Graduation is gonna be here before you know it! I graduated October 2020 and can’t believe it’s going on 2 years already!! Not to mention in May I’ll be officially 1 year as a nurse! Time really does fly when your having fun!! They started reaching o...
  9. Children’s National DC NICU

    Hey Guys! was wondering if anyone here works at Children’s National in the NICU? Any new grads starting soon?
  10. Children’s National DC NICU

    I’m starting in the NICU too!! April 18! You?
  11. Children's National D.C. Residency Summer 2022

    Hey! I applied on Jan 18 and got a call for an Interview on Jan 21…. Interviewed on Feb 2 and got my offer one Feb 4….. my case might be a little different because I never heard from a recruiter until I got my offer. I heard directly from t...
  12. Children’s National DC NICU

    Hey!! I interviewed on February 2 and got my offer on February 4! It was via email
  13. Heyy!! I was offered position in the NICU starting April 18! When do you start? I don’t really have any experience with CNMC to share but I did ask my educator if I could come up for a tour and she let me come same day!! I was able to walk ...
  14. Children’s National DC NICU

    Yes!! I start in April
  15. Children's National D.C. Residency Summer 2022

    I accepted a offer last month for the NICU starting April 18! Is anyone else here in that cohort with me?
  16. Children's National DC Spring 2021

    I’m actually already from the DMV! I can send you my number in a PM
  17. Children's National DC Spring 2021

    Congratulations!!! When is your start date??
  18. I know you're internet strangers...

    She’s very lucky! I wasn’t able to get a capstone because of Covid…. NO NICU would touch me without capstone or nurse extern experience…. I went to a level 2 that trained me for feeder growers for 3 months, applied to a level 4 NICU you and children’...
  19. I know you're internet strangers...

    I know this thread is old. But I just taught I’d share my experience! I started as a new grad in a level 2 NICU… I’ve been here since November 2021…. I just finished orientation and while I absolutely love it hear, I’m hurting to get my hands on some...
  20. How to Ask Nurse Practitioners for a Interview

    This is exactly what I wrote: ”Hey Guys! I’m currently a nursing student and have to interview a nurse leader for a project. Is anyone available to answer a few questions? Only requirement is you have to hold a leadership position” 3...
  21. Changing jobs in under a year. Help/advice please?

    Yesss!! I just keep leveling up… until I find where I need to be. I’ll be OK my 4th job starting April 18, but I do hope to stay and make this my temporary home before NP school
  22. How to Ask Nurse Practitioners for a Interview

    When I was in nursing school, for my leadership class, I had to interview a nurse leader. I knew NONE, besides the directors and such at the school. But I wanted to go outside the box. I joined the pediatric nurse practitioner group in facebook about...
  23. Children's National DC Spring 2021

    If you get the offer, what would your start date be?? I just accepted my offer and start April 18 in the NICU. I’m looking for some others that’s starting with me to connect with!
  24. Children's National DC Spring 2021

    I’m gonna try to private message you! I have LOADS of questions
  25. Changing jobs in under a year. Help/advice please?

    I’m kinda in the same situation…. Started at a cardiac doctor office straight out of school…. Wasn’t getting or using ANY nursing skills at all because the nurses there were more so administrators, calling patients to explain there test results, so I...