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ExceptionRN specializes in CCRN-CMC, RRT-ACCS, RPFT.

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  1. ExceptionRN

    Switching ABSN Program to Increase Chances for CRNA

    Better question is how many courses have you already taken at this program? If you are just starting, and have an opportunity to go somewhere else, I would say do the switch. If you get all C’s, you won’t make it far enough into any application proce...
  2. ExceptionRN

    Loma Linda University CRNA DNP 2021

    That would make 3 of us! I got a call yesterday and an email this afternoon
  3. ExceptionRN

    Increase in hr/$pay for Bilingual

    Good Luck. I have worked for multiple hospitals and it really does vary. Some facilities utilize interpreter services so they don’t pay employees extra. Other facilities try to utilize their own staff so they offer incentive pay to fluent Spanish spe...
  4. ExceptionRN

    New California Nurse to Patient Ratio

    I took a travel assignment in Southern California and the ICU's here have been 3 to 1 staffing for the last 3 weeks! Most of the ICU nurses only care for COVID-19 patients while the few clean patients are placed in the CVICU. 3:1 ratio, in my opinion...
  5. ExceptionRN

    Loma Linda University CRNA DNP 2021

    I will make sure to ask that question if I ever get an interview
  6. ExceptionRN

    Loma Linda University CRNA DNP 2021

    Thanks for your responses! Glad the trolling comment got your attention LOL I attending the virtual information sessions for LLU and the Director stated that we will complete the first 6 months of clinical rotations in the LLU OR so they can ke...
  7. ExceptionRN

    Loma Linda University CRNA DNP 2021

    Don’t bother. I think he is just trolling. Hasn’t replied back to any of us after making that claim.
  8. ExceptionRN

    Loma Linda University CRNA DNP 2021

    Nothing yet. I guess no news is better than bad news?
  9. ExceptionRN

    OHSU DNP CRNA 2021

    I got my invitation to interview this morning
  10. ExceptionRN

    OHSU DNP CRNA 2021

    Not yet, but I did receive an automated message from OSHU that a PIN has been created for me.
  11. ExceptionRN

    Loma Linda University CRNA DNP 2021

    Can you elaborate on this statement? Why shouldn’t we consider LLU?
  12. ExceptionRN

    OHSU DNP CRNA 2021

    How long did it take to get your quiz scheduled after receiving the initial email?
  13. ExceptionRN

    Rosalind Franklin CRNA 2021

    You don’t get instructions. They basically send you out the schedule for the interview with times. You will do great!
  14. ExceptionRN

    Marian University CRNA 2021

    I believe I turned in the final requirements on the 28th or 29th.
  15. ExceptionRN

    OHSU DNP CRNA 2021

    Has anyone else received an email to schedule the exam? I’m going to call on Monday to ask how the process works and if they will be emailing anyone else
  16. ExceptionRN

    Loma Linda University CRNA DNP 2021

    I looked over my notes from the information sessions and I have varying dates for the interviews. It can be be as soon as late November but as late as mid-December for those students that met the priority deadline. Since the priority deadline just c...