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jjsarah88 has 5 years experience and specializes in L&D, Mother/Baby, Special Care Nursery.

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    Pediatric Nurses...

    Hey guys! I have an interview at a pediatric clinic later this week. Obviously no guarantee that I’ll receive an offer, but can you give any pointers for good things to read up on (not just for an interview, but for a clinic job)...good resources would be a plus (planned to just look at PNCB or AAP recommendations). I have experience in Level II NICU and about 6mo in pediatric home health (only saw a couple different children) so I was honestly a little surprised I’ve gotten this far in the hiring process, but I’m really excited for the potential!! Thank you for any help!
  2. jjsarah88

    What are they teaching?

    As a nurse of nearly 4 years, I'd say being a nursing student/new grad is still fresh in my memory, but I also have a few years experience under my belt. I'd honestly say my nursing school was very honest about the profession being challenging. I even remember one seasoned professor telling us a story about a nurse who had been working for a couple years and she admitted to wanting to (legitimately) drive off the road before work every day just because she was so miserable in her career. He never shamed her, but rather stated that if we ever feel that way he need to find a new career, that no one should feel that way in their job and having a reaction like that wasn't because she was a weak person, but because nursing is a high-stress job! Thankfully, my mom was an RN too so I understood that weekends/holidays was a part of working in the hospital. My point being, even with a parent who was an RN and a nursing school that was honest...I still had to learn it for myself. The first 6 months were BRUTAL. Feeling incompetent, dealing with coworkers for the first time, choosing a specialty (L&D) right out of school...even more uncertainty in my decisions. I nearly quit 100x, but it got better! It's different when you're in it on your own and not just being told what it's like. Nursing is sacrificial. You sacrifice your time, you sacrifice moments with your family, you sacrifice time with friends, and hobbies...the list could go on. BUT there is a way to find balance. It may mean finding a day job, a specialty, a part-time nursing job with another job on the side...thankfully there are options. Another point to add, older nurses I know repeatedly speak of how much things have changed. Nursing used to be a trade school for many (diploma) and in a way I wish it still was. BSN's (like myself) are taught so much BOOK knowledge, but a fraction as much hands on time. You don't see the flow as much, the menial things, the hard things, and it shows sometimes. To add to that, hospitals are often run by people who have little to no medical background...how does that make sense? Patient satisfaction is great and all, but is it everything? It shouldn't be...