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Nursing Job Advice

by jjsarah88 jjsarah88 (New) New Nurse

Specializes in L&D, Mother/Baby, Special Care Nursery. Has 5 years experience.

Hi guys! So, I'm trying my best to figure out the job market here in San Diego. I've applied to 7 or 8 jobs and all but 2 of them have been rejected so far. I was really surprised I didn't get an interview for the areas I'm most experienced in, so I guess I'm trying to get some input on personal experiences in this area, recommendations to try, and any connections you nurses may have! Networking is difficult in a new city...add a pandemic and it's a whole new level!!

For reference, I'm a BSN, RN with 3+ years of experience in L&D (LDRP unit so postpartum and mother/baby too). 2 of those 3 years I had experience in the Special Care Nursery (Level II NICU) as well. I then worked in Pediatric Home Health for 6 months in North Carolina. My husband is military so when I got married September of last year we moved to North Carolina for only 6 months and I took what I could get. So, I had a month gap between my L&D job and the pediatric job and now I've had almost a 3mo gap between the pediatric job and moving to San Diego (I had surgery, then delayed moving due to COVID, attempted local travel nurse jobs, and now applying on my own). I don't know if my recent gaps in employment are what look so bad or if it's just timing/a highly desirable location for nurses? Any help or encouragement would be appreciated!