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  1. Hi I see you went to Carleen for your RN. I'm interested in applying to the program.I have BS from another school. I recently called the school I was told that the upcoming new dates are fully online? How long was the program for you ?

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    2. kingz10102


      @babeblu555 Yeah I know they are difficult to get in touch with, but its legit I'm currently on my 4 course. Try calling  (954)476-9090 or (954)533-1800. Sometimes the phone will continue ringing but still try to stay on the phone or keep calling. Even I at times have trouble getting through, when I have questions. I've heard from several people and they got through the program recently. I'm here to help if anything. Also, try emailing Jessica (jthompson@floridahealthcareer.com) she is the student services coordinator.

    3. Ebgypsy

      Ebgypsy, LPN

      Hi kingz10102 I just registered for the first course and I see you're on your fourth course, I have some questions that you can possibly  help me with, it would be much appreciated. Trying to reach Jessica can be difficult.  

    4. kingz10102


      @Ebgypsy Sure. I could help ! Just email me. Kingz10102@gmail.com

  2. Hi, my friend and I are interested in going to the Carleen School of nursing.  we are a little nervous because we cant get anyone on the phone and want to make sure we are not getting scammed.  Can you email me so I can ask you so more questions on what to expect? ms2ndlife@sbcglobal.net


    Thanks soooo much!! Regina

  3. Passing the NCLEX from Carleens YES I know of a few ladies. I don't know them personally but the class that graduated before me all 10 of them passed and 4 ppl im my class that were LPN’s bridging to RN passed already. How do I know bcz I looked up their names plus they told me LOL.
  4. OK I had 2 classes left at the college I attended before going to Carleens. Because I did not pass those classes with the 75% required at that school (Ii made a 73) I was offered to CLEP out of them. I did and I pass at Carleens. Give them a call and let the secretary explain it because everyone has a different story.
  5. So you have to come there to the school. When I attended there some people flew in from Ohio some came from NYC and some from Jacksonville, Fl and other places like Kansas, Vermont, Detroit, Maryland, Cleveland, Biloxi and other places. I believe about 3 students came from different areas around Ohio because Ohio is giving a Temporary License and you can take the MCLEX later. Make sure if you go to listen to your heart and follow your dreams. Many people have trouble but their experience do NOT have to be yours. Oh and about it being accredited. It is because Grand Canyon University accepted my credits and I am attending there now for my BSN.
  6. I did not go there for the entire RN program I transferred credits from a different college. Carleens Institute of South Florida has a 80% Review which means you have to be at least 80% done with your nursing courses or all the way done and cant pass the exit exam whichever one fit you. The 80% review was done in 3 weeks (Sat & Sun only). It was very inspiring to see so many men and women come there from all over the USA.
  7. Yes Im doing the Florida NCLEX first bcz I want a multi-state license and GA is a compact state so it will be OK
  8. Hello I see most of these reviews are from 4 to 5 years ago however it is 2020 businesses learn from mistakes. and I graduated from Carleen’s health institute of S. Florida and I had an awesome time with learning and regurgitating previous information and learning new information that I did not know or was taught at an ACNE accredited school. You have to apply yourself and there’s several students that I attended school with who left an accredited school to come to Carleen’s. She is awesome and I will encourage anyone to follow their goals. If you are being discouraged because instructors are changing your grades and you can not pass their exit exam after 4 tries ($55/per 3 exam, the first one is free) then come to Carleens and graduate with your ADN or BSN. I just graduated Aug 2020 and I have already applied for my MSN at GCU. Sometimes you can’t judge a book by its cover you have to read it for yourself and then apply what you’ve learned. You can’t imagine how many students goes to college and can’t pass NCLEX if you apply yourself you will pass the NCLEX but if you think someone suppose to hand feed you the answers and you just sit there NO... Every nurse will tell you they had to study for NCLEX it’s not easy but as someone said earlier STUDY STUDY STUDY.....Theres a variety of apps and sites you have to pay for in order to achieve....If you don't pass the NCLEX next they will start blaming it on Nurse Achieve or Kaplan, Hurst, UWorld naw its YOU!