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  1. Hello everybody, just last week I found out that I had been excepted to nursing school at the University of Utah. I’m so excited I’m about to get a bachelors degree in health and kinesiology in December and hopefully start nursing school after. ...
  2. Thinking of quitting CNA Job

    I tried my best but today I texted them that I resigned they left me no choice. I am not available to work and I can’t trade shifts or cover because I don’t live in that city right now. That’s why I sent a FILL IN request over a month ago and then...
  3. Thinking of quitting CNA Job

    I had former coworker and friend say it happened to her multiple times where someone would agree to fill in and then they’d still have her scheduled. Like I said staffing has been bad lately I don’t care I sent my resignation in today and I am not w...
  4. Thinking of quitting CNA Job

    I received a text message notification so yes.
  5. Thinking of quitting CNA Job

    I just decided to quit today. I sent in my resignation letter told them I am physically unable to work Monday. I am not even in the same state atm. Plus I have wanted to quit for a while but this was the last straw for me. I would have done it mo...
  6. Thinking of quitting CNA Job

    And I totally agree the issue is I can’t come into work that day because I live over 4 hours away now and that is the reason why I requested a fill in. To explain I left home for the Summer and just moved out of my apartment a few weeks Ago because ...
  7. Thinking of quitting CNA Job

    Okay yeah I want to tomorrow they said they never knew that even though I received a text message notification that someone was filling in for me. It’s frustrating because they are saying I should’ve texted someone to cover it but I requested it on ...
  8. Thinking of quitting CNA Job

    Sorry this is a long story and I need to vent. I requested a fill in on OnShift for July 26th night shift for it to be be covered in June since I wouldn’t be in town that week. A few days later I got a notification on June 28th saying it was covere...
  9. Do I have a chance for nursing school?

    Yeah absolutely. I already feel that since I made alternate list at the University of Utah which is a great school, I definitely have a better shot at getting in this time. I also feel that I could get in somewhere else as well. I have considered ...
  10. Do I have a chance for nursing school?

    I also forgot to mention I’m applying to the SLCC nursing program, Dixie State University, and trying for Westminster. Unfortunately, SLCC makes you take the ATI TEAS V6 so I’d have to take that. I took a practice and got a 72 overall but got high ...
  11. Do I have a chance for nursing school?

    I am 22 male been in college for 4 years have 127 credits and a cumulative GPA of 3.192. Currently applying to UofU for the second time. I got an 80.86% overall on HESI A2 without studying. My prerequisite GPA is close to a 3.4. My grades in pre requ...