Accepted to Nursing School, Drug Test Results Taking Forever


Hello everybody, just last week I found out that I had been excepted to nursing school at the University of Utah. I’m so excited I’m about to get a bachelors degree in health and kinesiology in December and hopefully start nursing school after.

However, in my acceptance I was required to submit a background check and complete a drug test. I have done both of those but my drug test has not come back yet. I got the drug test done at the clinic on October 16 and according to my conditions I have to get my test completed in by the 20th.  I have no idea if this means to show that I completed the test or a show that I post completed the test and sent him the results. I got my notification email on Tuesday the 12th however due to a church retreat I had no access to Internet or cellular service until Thursday night which delayed my process of signing up for verified credentials to get these things done.

There was no possible way I could’ve gotten it done any earlier than I did because I did all these things literally on the 15th at midnight when I got back.  I’m not worried about the drug test results to much as I don’t use anything they test for or anything federally illegal since it’s a 10 panel. I am totally stressed out and freaking out because I’m afraid that I’ll get my admission offer rejected because the lab took forever to get my results. I emailed the advising email at the University of Utah and let them know the situation but no one has responded yet.

 I have thought about calling but they said not to in the directions.  I’m so afraid that my future is going to be completely ruined all because of this situation and I don’t know what else to do. I’m not the only person having a problem getting the results back my friend she took the test two days before me on Thursday the 14th and she has not gotten her results back either I have no idea what to do and I’m freaking out because I called verify credentials today and he said they just barely got my specimen today and that it will actually take 5 to 7 business days rather than the 2 to 5 business days they said on their website.  I am sorry this is long but I don’t know what else to do I am freaking out right now.