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Saalbunch has 10+ years experience and specializes in Education, NICU, Pediatrics, OB, Leaders.

I love that I can make a difference in the future of nursing!

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  1. Saalbunch

    Nursing Faculty Work Load

    I am trying to gather some information to present to our non nursing leadership who determines our faculty work load. Right now we are 1 credit = 35 hours and 1:1 for theory, lab, and clinical. Where I am seeing discrepancies is I will have an instructor teaching 4 credits of clinical (140 hours of in person clinical time with students). Other instructor teaches a 4 credit theory course and total in person hours teaching is 60 for the semester. But their work load is still 1:1.
  2. Saalbunch

    Cleaning Simulators

    I am new to the simulation world and very excited. What have you found best in cleaning sticky pads, make up, etc off of the simulators?
  3. Saalbunch

    Virtual ATI instructor

    It was a very rewarding job that as an educator I really enjoyed. The longer you are there and the better that you do you will get more students. But if at any time that you feel it is too much, just let your leader know and they will keep it where it is comfortable for you.
  4. Saalbunch

    TEAS Requirement

    We have always used the TEAS assessment as part of our admissions criteria. The school is asking if we would consider a graduate in a baccalaureate program with a high GPA in place of having to do the TEAS test. Do you require TEAS for all pre-licensure nursing admissions?
  5. Saalbunch

    NDNQI Regulatory body?

    Would you consider NDNQI a regulatory body or accreditation body? My thought is no but I am being told it is. Thoughts?
  6. Saalbunch

    Teaching Load

    Good morning. I am moving from a quarter system to a semester system and wanting to find out what the teaching loads are like for those FT in the semester system. This is a BSN program. Thanks!
  7. Saalbunch

    Leadership and Management

    I will be teaching Leadership and Management for the first time starting in January. I am looking for creative ideas of topics to keep the class fun while still educational. Thanks in advance. Kendra
  8. Saalbunch

    Globe/MN school of Business BSN

    Hello fischek, CNA! Globe University/ Minnesota School of Business is an accelerated nursing program that the student can complete their Bachelors of Science in Nursing in three years. We are CCNE accredited and approved by the Minnesota Board of Nursing. Our pass rates are excellent for the NCLEX-RN. Our program offers hands on nursing experience starting your first quarter in the program. Our BSN program is located in Richfield, MN and we admit twice a year (January and July). I am the Dean of Nursing and would love for you to call the campus to schedule a visit to see what makes our program stand out from others. The phone number is 612-861-2000; please ask for nursing admissions. We hope to speak with you soon
  9. Saalbunch

    Dosage Calculations Exam

    I work for a 3 year BSN program. We give a dosage calculation exam every quarter. As of right now, the students get 20 questions and they are limited to 2 minutes per question. I know can change this policy as far as the time limit goes. What are your thoughts? I feel it's important that we make sure we are providing safe nurses who will take the time to figure out the math but at the same time, I feel there should be a time limit. Your input is greatly appreciated.
  10. Saalbunch

    What makes a great RN to BSN program?

    Good afternoon! I have been asked to start up an RN to BSN program within our University. We have a very successful BSN program now and we are wanting to reach more and move them to a higher level. I would like to hear from you! What would make a great RN to BSN program stand out from all of the others? Thank you for taking your time with this!
  11. Saalbunch

    Length of time for test taking

    We arehaving a discussion as to how long students get to take their exams in theirBSN program. We are trying to come up with rational as to why we have a settime for all classes. One instructor is adamant that we only give 1 minute perquestion. While many others set at 1.5-2 min per questions. I know NCLEX gives 6 hours with a max of 265 questions that is about 1.38 min. I just want to know what other colleges and Universities are doing. Thank you for your help.
  12. Saalbunch

    Need Advise ASAP....

    A little background...this is a very small (5 students) OB class. They were told to research the pros and cons of different birth control options as well as patient education. They asked their instructor if they could put it into table format and she agreed. Four out of the five included a reference sheet with a reference on it. Nowhere on their papers was there any in text citations. 80% of their papers were direct word for word out of their textbooks. They all felt that referencing at the end was adequate. We met with each of these students and I honestly feel that they did not purposely plagiarize. All four admit that it was plagiarism and they have learned a very valuable lesson. This is where is gets a little trickier...One of the four has had some previous issues. He took a picture of an exam and was smart enough to post it on Facebook. He automatically failed that course and had to repeat it. Another time he plagiarized a paper. We sat down with him and had a very long discussion about this and his actions. As per faculty protocol, he was exited from the nursing program for having two academic dishonesty issues. However, the academic team (not part of the nursing department) decided that they really like him and they overturned the nursing department and allowed him one more chance into the nursing program. When he started back up some of the members of the academic team and the nursing team spent a couple of hours going over stipulations to allowing him back in. One was that there could be NO academic issues. Well, now that this has happened, he is scheduled to be exited from the program. Once again, the academic team does not feel that it was plagiarism. They feel that since he referenced in the back of his paper that it was an attempt and should not count as plagiarism. To me, plagiarism is simple and clean cut. Either you write in your own words or you give credit. I am meeting with the academic team tomorrow and I have the backing of the entire nursing department. I just wanted to get somebody else's opinions.
  13. Saalbunch

    Early, late, and variable deceleration help!

    There is a great app that I use with my students to help understand EFM. It is called Fetal Heart Rate Monitoring and it is free through the apple app store. Great tool!
  14. Saalbunch

    Hi I'm new here

    Why an ADN program, as compared to a BSN program? You can do an accelerated program in a year longer and this degree will really help with excellent job prospects.
  15. Saalbunch

    IPad apps

    The university I teach for is moving to all iPads and ebooks. I am wanting to put together a list of great apps that deal with maternal health nursing. Any suggestions?
  16. Saalbunch

    Pediatric Nursing Apps for iPads

    The university I teach for is moving to all iPads and ebooks. I am wanting to put together a list of great apps that deal with pediatric nursing. Any suggestions?

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