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  1. J1c92

    Taking NCLEX in 2 weeks! Need advice!!

    I failed mine the first time and to study for the second time I’m focusing really hard on rationales by writing them all out. I was just going through questions before and not reading rationales. I really hope what I’m doing helps. You sound well prepared! Focus on your notes and don’t be nervous! Also know lab values which I have to work on as well. You got this!
  2. I took my first NCLEX on July 13th and I failed. I was using UWorld but I was just zipping through questions and not reading rationales. I was able to do about 50-75 questions per day doing this method. Now what I've changed is I'm still using UWorld however I am taking the time to write out all of my rationales. This results in me being only able to do about 30 questions a day because each 10 question study session takes me about an hour (and my hand gets tired and so does my brain!) is this too little to be studying? I plan on taking sundays to go through and completely read each rationale I've hand written a few times to make sure I really understand. Overall I'm doing better score wise than I was before consistently so I think I'm retaining some info. Anyone have any tips for studying the second time? Thanks in advance!
  3. J1c92

    NCLEX Pearson vue bad pop up

    No I failed. Better luck next time, I’ve already re registered to take it again. You may end up passing though! Keep your head up.
  4. J1c92

    NCLEX Pearson vue bad pop up

    Thank you so much!! ❤️ It’s saying my card was declined because it is expired and that’s all that happened. Thank you so much for the positive thoughts!!
  5. J1c92

    NCLEX Pearson vue bad pop up

    Thank you so much ❤️ I’m still freaking and I will until tomorrow when I find out if I passed or failed. I used UWorld as well as Mark Klimek and tutoring resources from school. and I wasn’t the greatest test taker in school but I thought a lot of the questions were pretty easy. I’ll let you know if I pass or not!
  6. J1c92

    NCLEX Pearson vue bad pop up

    I took my NCLEX yesterday. I went home and did the person vue trick and got a “bad” pop up. I was devastated. I took all 130 questions. I heard from people the trick works and it doesn’t. Anyone else have the bad pop up and ended up passing?

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