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Failed my NCLEX the first time study tips?

by J1c92 J1c92 (New) New Student

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I took my first NCLEX on July 13th and I failed. I was using UWorld but I was just zipping through questions and not reading rationales. I was able to do about 50-75 questions per day doing this method. Now what I've changed is I'm still using UWorld however I am taking the time to write out all of my rationales. This results in me being only able to do about 30 questions a day because each 10 question study session takes me about an hour (and my hand gets tired and so does my brain!) is this too little to be studying? I plan on taking sundays to go through and completely read each rationale I've hand written a few times to make sure I really understand. Overall I'm doing better score wise than I was before consistently so I think I'm retaining some info. Anyone have any tips for studying the second time? Thanks in advance!

Hello! I took my NCLEX last week and passed in 71 qs. I mostly used UWorld and read rationales and used both self assessments and copied and pasted the rationales into a TON of flashcards for review! I think it’s also important to also do qs you got wrong. After I graduated, I did 60qs/day (took me like 4-5 hours!!) but once I scheduled my exam I did 130 qs/day and it got easier with more review. I also used Nurse Achieve (it has a free month trial going on, you just need 2 friends emails!) which is another question bank that lets you do unlimited computer adaptive tests, and personally I think it was very accurate in determining my capabilities (it would always stop for me between 61-74 qs). Good luck!