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  1. Suicide Prevention

    I am very interested in hearing what measures other organizations have taken to meet the requirements outlined by TJC. What are your policies, documentation requirements, etc.
  2. 2 Nurse Verification of SubQ Insulin

    Two-nurse verification is our policy for SubQ insulin, but it was not at another organization I worked at.
  3. I am working to improve our retention rates and would like to propose benefits for our top seniority nurses. When I worked at another organization some of the benefits of being top seniority included: priority scheduling and vacation requests, no hol...
  4. Telemetry Monitoring

    I am attempting to update our telemetry monitoring process and would like to see how other organizations operate. How often are strips printed and interpreted? How do you document the strips: On the strip itself, mount the strip on a for...
  5. Telemetry Monitoring

    When I worked in CVICU the primary nurse would print the patient's strips at the beginning of his/her shift, tape them to a rhythm sheet, measure/interpret the strip, and place in to the chart. Then if there were any changes they would add them. The ...
  6. Telemetry Monitoring

    Is that on a telemetry unit or ICU?

    Do any of your ICUs have a reference binder that you refer to as a quick reference for skills, equipment, etc.? If so, what all does it include and what do you refer to the most?