What benefits do your top seniority nurses receive?

by JessicaT JessicaT (New) New Nurse

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I am working to improve our retention rates and would like to propose benefits for our top seniority nurses. When I worked at another organization some of the benefits of being top seniority included: priority scheduling and vacation requests, no holidays, and no floating.

What are some benefits your organization could offer that would keep you from leaving??



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A raise this year, recognize my loyalty to the organization, and to value my opinion as an experienced nurse.

I’m tired of COVID being an excuse for everything when it comes to pay. I’m tired of new grads being treated like special princesses instead of paying their dues like the rest of us.

I guess it comes down to respect. I don’t feel respected or valued these days as my organization can’t even hold up their end of a contract these days.


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As of right now first dibs on vacations. That's really about it at the moment. I suppose you could try a yearly bonus or raise. I know at my last job we did tiers of seniority. Those in the top tier (most senior) didn't have to work weekends and I think their holiday requirement was minimal. They also didn't have to float to a different floor/unit (which is pretty sweet tbh).


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After ten years, no more floating to other units.


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There is rarely any benefits anymore to senior nurses. It is sad.

When I went to nursing school, I got my first job expecting to work nights until a day shift opened up. I expected to work holidays and weekends. You pull your share of the crappy shift set-ups.

I have seen more than one senior nurse, mostly nearing retirement, quit because they can't stand being pulled anymore to unfamiliar units or being forced to work nights. When you get older, unless you have worked nights your entire career, you just can't bounce back like you did when you were younger.

Young people...just don't...understand that.

As a midwife, I do OK with nights, but..I also get to lay down and cat nap 15 minutes here, 20 minutes there, waiting on a baby. That makes a huge difference in getting through a night but that is hard for a lot of nurses on the floor.