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  1. hotshot12345

    Cheap sites to buy Nursing Equipment

    Sorry. In my hospital, every room has a dynamap, which has a pulse oximeter attached to it.
  2. hotshot12345

    Cheap sites to buy Nursing Equipment

    Why would one need to buy a pulse oximeter? You're workplace doesn't have one?
  3. So my friend and I were thinking about a software that can help us do this. One, it would be helpful to the charge. Second, it will make in the oncoming nurses happier. I did a Google such but nothing concrete came up. Anyone using any such software or even an Excel spreadsheet way of doing it? thx
  4. i was gonna mention the story about the pregnancy test. hehe. read it from here i think. should have told her she was pregnant to get back. anyway, i was reading this guy's history. apparently, he once came to the ER for a ferry pass. lol
  5. hotshot12345

    nurses from the Philippines: how are they in general?

    This is what I have been observing so far: Filipino nurses from the float pool are not lazy as other nurses from the float pool. They actually answer the call light and even ask if YOU need help.
  6. hotshot12345

    NELRP 2009

    my loan is about 10K. let's say i make about 40k/year, what are my chances of getting this?
  7. hotshot12345

    ETOH/heroin/cocaine=GOOD times!! :)

    mizzlizz, with the way you talk and view your patient, it doesn't surprise me he did what he did.
  8. hotshot12345

    Assessment & Monitoring, ETOH+ (and some questions about Geodon)

    We use the CIWA protocol for pt who are in withdrawal.
  9. hotshot12345

    Do you think that the nursing job outlook will get better?

    a nurse was telling me back in 94 it was the same as now.
  10. hotshot12345

    First medication error- I am quitting nursing

    1. If the prisoner is in that mental state, then he should be in restraint. If he refuses care, then what can you do? Prisoners still have rights. If you know he is physically abusive, then don't touch him anymore. Verbally abusive? Who cares. 2. Pt with PE not getting lovenox is not a medication error. You never even gave the med, how could it be an error?
  11. hotshot12345

    Diluting IV narcotics = narcotics tampering?

    i've never diluted iv morphine or dilaudid before and i don't think anyone one my floor does. we do flush with NS before and after though. never had anyone complained about it. think about it, if somebody pain is bad enought that they need IV narc, are they really going to conks out? these people are either in a lot of pain or have a tolerance.
  12. hotshot12345

    Looking for specific pda drug guide

    hmm if i remember correctly, doesn't davis' drug guide list brand names under a section label as suh?
  13. hotshot12345

    Comparing 3 hospitals-Evergreen, Harrison, and St. Peter's

    Well, I never worked for any of those hospitals (I know that's what you wanted). However, a co-worker who used to work at Harrison hated it. The doctors were a-holes and nurses weren't nice at all. But I also know a couple people who worked there. Although I never asked how it was for them.
  14. hotshot12345

    CPAP and BiPAP?

    I looked this up in Tabers but it didn't help very much. Can someone please explain? Thanks
  15. hotshot12345

    chem 10? M7?

    Can somebody tell me what these tests are? I can't seems to Google them. thanks
  16. hotshot12345

    PRBC transfusion and diuresis?

    So I had orders to transfused one 1 unit of PRBC, then give 20 mg IV Lasix, then give 1 more unit of PRBC. I was told that the Lasix is to prevent CHF, but I want more details if possible because another time, I transfused 2 units of PRBC at a faster rate but there was no diuretic ordered. thanks