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  1. I live in New Jersey, and there is an anticipated snowstorm, the snow will be 8-12inch in the night. my shift is 3-11pm. There will be nothing at 3pm, but when I leave work at 11pm, I will be stuck in the snowstorm. I am live 40mins away from my work...
  2. Thank you for your comments. I feel bad because I did a procedure without enough knowledge about it. and I am worrying that I caused harm to my pt, which may lead the pt into code, hospitalized, or death. I will never perform any procedure ...
  3. Thanks for everyone's comment, althought some makes me feel more bad, I know I made mistake. Basically, I texted my charge nurse that I feel sorry, I don't know what I was thinking when she ask me if I removed PICC line. I told her the truth, an...
  4. I just texted my charge nurse. And Im going to talk to DON tomorrow. I just hope the pt will be fine.
  5. I am new Grad from May 2020. I got my job in subacute/SKF. My patient had a PICC line that needed to be removed. I didn't think about that much. While I was going to give him meds, I prepared to remove his PICC line. All I took with me is a clea...
  6. SoNan

    How do I know how many CE hour I have learned?

    thanks. I guess need to record how many hours I already learned, and save all the certificates.
  7. Is anybody know where I can find how many CE hours I have learned for my RN license in NJ?
  8. SoNan

    any tips to care 24 residents in LTC ?

    Thanks for your comfort. Yesterday, I was totally working alone with 24 pt in LTC unit, except there is an other nurse also with other 24 pts. He helped me a little bit when I do not know how to set up the tube feeding machine. my shift is...
  9. I got a job in an LTC/SNF, even though my main unit or I prefer subacute unit, but I was told I may float around in LTC as well. So Friday (9/11) was my last day of orientation. The nurse who should orient me called out. And it is an LTC unit. I...
  10. Good afternoon, I am a new Graduate RN from May. Currently, in an LTC facility, I am on my 8th day of 10-day orientation. I did not get an orientation checklist until the 8th day, and I find out I still have a lot of things I haven't been orient...
  11. SoNan

    What should I bring to the first day of work

    Thank you for all the comments­čść!
  12. I am a new graduate, first time working as an RN. I just got a job in a rehab and nursing home facility. The person told me that I may be placed in the subacute unit. Tomorrow is my first day and also the first day of the 10-day orientation. I am not...
  13. SoNan

    New Jersey License Status

    Thank you. My school emailed my transcript and letter of completion again to BON today, and I also email BON to tell them to look for my transcript and letter. If they reply to me they do not have my transcript and letter again, I may think about fil...
  14. SoNan

    New Jersey License Status

    Hey guys, I do not know what is the problem right now, and I do not know what to do despite waiting. I took my NCLEX 6/22 and Passed it according to the quick result. However, I am still waiting for my license number. A lot of my friends got their li...
  15. I took my NCLEX 6/22. Passed according to the quick result. But when I check my status in NJ BON, it is still PENDING. I read a few other posts, a lot of them received their license number the second or third day. Now I am starting to concern, am I g...