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  1. JP_403

    Male LPNs and LPN job opportunities.

    I'm just curious are you ever planning to get your RN one day? I would like to work with children as well too! I'm glad home health has worked out well for you! 80 pounds to us males seems like nothing LOL. I have heard about nursing jobs in prison! I imagine you had to do clinicals in long term care facilities, is that right? how did those clinicals in the old folks home treat you? I am entering my final year of grade school and after I graduate I hope to go for me LPN then after a year or two go for my RN and then one day after working as an RN for a bit, I want to go for my NP! speaking of NP programs, I believe getting into NP programs in Canada where I live is more difficult than getting into American NP programs but I heard Canadian NP programs are better. Best of luck to the remainder of your nursing career!
  2. What I want to talk about is something I didn't know if I should put in this section or the "men in nursing" section. My first question is, are there very many LPNs that are male? Is it more difficult being a male LPN than an RN? my next question is, What are the job opportunities for an LPN that's not in an old folks home or anything like that, I've never had that interest because working in one seems kinda bland in the diversity of tasks you do?
  3. JP_403

    Getting to NP

    don't you need a bare minimum 1 year as an RN to apply to NP school?
  4. JP_403

    Getting to NP

    Hey, I live in Canada and am currently in high school and hope to enter the medical field one day as a nurse. My question is, I don't know if this is a stupid question or not, but if you get your RN through an LPN to RN bridge program, are you able to apply to NP school or do you have to have the 4-year nursing degree program under your belt?

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