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  1. I'm a new to specialty nurse, and I'm looking forward to starting my first job at a community ED. However, what I really want to do is get ready to be an ED travel RN, and I'm a little worried that working in the community ED for a few years won't provide me all the experience I might need to be good at that. I'm thinking that it might be a good idea to get comfortable in the community ED first, and then try to transfer to a level 1 or level 2 trauma center, since they usually have more resources and training available. What would you recommend?
  2. Kristy

    Compact license through Maryland BON?

    Ned, being able to verify that you have a license, and the number, is all that you can do on the MBON website as far as verifying multi/single state privileges goes. It gives no other info. Of course there's another section to renew it online. To specifically verify that it is a multistate license, I had to resort to Nursys.
  3. Kristy

    Compact license through Maryland BON?

    Hmm, I must have been unclear. I live in Maryland. It is my permanent residence. I don't have any other residences or addresses associated with my license. Do you guys have Maryland licenses? Do you have tips for the Maryland BON? And I'm not sure if I was clear, but I need advice about upgrading my license to a multistate license. In Delaware, a quick goggle search gives you the application to upgrade to multistate from your compact single state. Can you help with that?
  4. Kristy

    Compact license through Maryland BON?

    Yes, Ned. My permanent residence is in Maryland, and I have a Maryland license. Maryland is a compact state. But my license is Maryland only, single state, rather than a multistate license, and travel agencies are telling me I need a multistate license specifically. Do you happen to know about the process for getting a multistate license through the Maryland BON? The website is not helpful.
  5. Kristy

    Compact license through Maryland BON?

    Hi Ned! Thanks for commenting! I do live in Maryland, but after talking to some travel companies, they've made it clear I need a multistate license specifically rather than just a Maryland license. I'm having the darndest time getting that license - the MBON website has a section about it, but nothing about how to apply for one, other than just to apply through the board of nursing. Do you know more about that application process?
  6. Hello there! I have been wanting to do travel nursing for awhile, but I am having the hardest time figuring out how to apply for a compact license through the Maryland Board of Nursing. The website is not helpful at all. Are there any Maryland travel RNs out there who can tell me what they did?

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