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  1. Just wanted to update in case anyone is interested in the program. I am starting my second semester so far and the program seems good. The professors I’ve had so far all seem to genuinely care about our success and the cohorts aren’t too big (mine is...
  2. So, I am doing a 2 year BSN nursing program as a second bachelor degree student (general ED credits transferred/prereqs taken). My program starts at the end of this month. While I did take pathophysiology last semester and got an A in it I don't real...
  3. Hey, thank you everyone. They ended up offering me a scholarship, which means, I shouldn’t have to worry about private loans. So, I accepted my seat last week! ?
  4. 2 year BSN program: Pros: -I have been accepted to the program -I would start in the Fall 2021 semester and end in the Spring 2023 semester with a BSN degree. -high NCLEX rate -while the tuition is high my grandmother (who I ...
  5. I am a second bachelor degree student considering a two year BSN program that I was accepted into ( I have to accept my seat by 5/1). Doing this program will require me to take $30,000 out in private student loans, which is in addition to the $25,000...
  6. ADN/ASN or BSN?

    I am a second degree bachelor's student. I am $10,100 in debt from my previous degree (all federal loans). I was accepted into a nursing program that would allow me to earn my BSN in two years (credits from my previous degree are transferred). Howeve...
  7. UMASS Amherst ABSN 2021

    Has anyone who was put on the waitlist heard anything?
  8. Hey, I was actually admitted to their second bachelors two year BSN program, but I was wondering if you have heard anything about the nursing school from anyone since you posted this. Thank you
  9. Admitted to Tinity University in Washington DC

    Hey, I can't help you much, but I'm actually having the same questions as you (I got in for the second bachelors program for the Fall 2021 semester). Did you end up finding out anything? Have you heard anything about how the classes are, etc.
  10. I was accepted to the second bachelors nursing program. I can't find much information about the school from other people online compared to other nursing schools. I have to make a decision by 5/1 on whether or not I am going to go there. If anyo...
  11. Should I accept my seat?

    Hi, thank you for your response. I just turned 23. I guess another thing I'm curious about is with ADN programs will I have to take any general education requirements again (e.g., English composition, math, etc.)? Also, how to I discern what are...
  12. Should I accept my seat?

    So, I applied to a few second degree nursing programs ranging from some 12 month long to 2 years. After hearing back, I think I will be going to a nursing school in the area. The program is 2 years long, I have a place to live, and I will be taking a...
  13. I've been looking into the second bachelors degree program and I am curious about what students or people who know people who have gone through the program think about it. Is it a good program? Do people come out of it being prepared? Thank you!
  14. University of Rochester ABPNN May 2021

    I got off the waitlist, but I'm leaning towards not taking the seat. Just because the tuition is high for me (I just graduated in May and don't have much money saved up). I'm still thinking about it though. I am not sure how many people typically get...
  15. University of Rochester ABPNN May 2021

    So did I. I'm not sure if I am going to accept just yet though, just because of the tuition. Does anyone know when we have to respond by? I don't think I saw a date in the letter