Should I get asn or BSN? Does anyone know what the job outlook is for registered nurses with an asn degree in Maryland?


I am a second bachelor degree student considering a two year BSN program that I was accepted into ( I have to accept my seat by 5/1). Doing this program will require me to take $30,000 out in private student loans, which is in addition to the $25,000 in student loans I will already have out ($10,000 from my first bachelor’s and $14,900 from the BSN program). This would leave me with $55,000 of debt (federal and private loans combined), which is a lot.


I’ve been looking into the associates route where I get an asn degree at Anne arundel cc (I’m hoping this might take less than 2 years since I’ve taken a few of the required courses already and they allow us to transfer credits) and then do an RN-BSN program. If I did the math correctly getting an asn degree from Anne arundel will cost me up to $15,000 (I’m not an MD resident, which is why it’s higher than if I was in-state, but I’ve been living here with my grandparents and if I end up going this route I may consider changing my resident status). I have $14,900 remaining in federal loans so that should cover most of that. 
However, assuming I get in, I’m worried that I won’t be able to find any work with an asn degree while I work towards earning my BSN through an RN-BSN program. Does anyone know what the job outlook is for asn grads in the next few years or so (e.g., 2025 onwards) Should I go the asn or BSN route?

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Hi there. AACC's Nurse Progression Navigator, Lauren Decker, would be happy to walk you through your questions and help you decide what might work best for you. You can email her at
-Alicia Renehan, PR Coordinator, AACC

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That is a lot of money. My college in Philly, IDK how it is in MD, offers you to be able to qualify for RN ASN. You skip Nursing 101 and you only have to do 3 semesters plus clinicals. This is for students with a bachelors degree already.