Does anyone have any experience or knowledge on the nursing program at Trinity Washington University?


I was accepted to the second bachelors nursing program. I can't find much information about the school from other people online compared to other nursing schools. I have to make a decision by 5/1 on whether or not I am going to go there.

If anyone knows about the program I am curious about if the program is challenging. How are the classes? Are the professors helpful? Does the program prepare its students well? Stuff like that

I have found some reviews online (only 2) that said the nursing program is not very good. One review from two years ago said that a lot of students in the cohort ahead of them didn't end up finishing so there were only 7-8 people left in the class. I saw a recent review on college niche where a student said that the professors don't teach/you have to kind of teach yourself. The recent NCLEX pass rates for the school have ranged from 88-100% these past couple of years, but I am not sure how many students ended up actually taking it.

If I do the program I would be taking out $50,000 in loans (the program is 2 years) and I am already $11,000 rom my first bachelors. I just want to know if I am making the right decision. So, I would really appreciate it if anyone who has ANY knowledge about the program can share anything they know about it. Thank you.



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Just wanted to update in case anyone is interested in the program. I am starting my second semester so far and the program seems good. The professors I’ve had so far all seem to genuinely care about our success and the cohorts aren’t too big (mine is like 28-30 students and we all have the same classes together). We have clinicals at  several of the hospitals in the area. It’s a good program from what I can tell. 

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Hey, by any chance do you know what the pre requirements are for applying and if any entrance exam is necessary before applying ?