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  1. NurseNic

    NYU New Grad Residency Spring 2020

    I'm on the waitlist for a specialty unit and reached out to my recruiter a week or 2 ago. She said to reach back out in December because hiring should pick up again in Nov/Dec. However, she did say she is uncertain how many vacancies will be available.
  2. Hello, I am wondering if anyone who has applied to the UPenn-Princeton Medical Center Nurse Residency November 2020 start has heard back from a recruiter/HR yet?
  3. NurseNic

    NYU New Grad Residency Spring 2020

    Hello! Just wanted to clarify on your post. When you said they just hired a bunch of people that they are interviewing you mean they got put on the “offer waitlist” since they are in a hiring freeze?
  4. NurseNic

    Atlantic health hire learning residency program May 2020

    Any updates? I feel like they should have finished up with the internal candidates by now 🤷‍♀️