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  1. Student02

    NCLEX help

    Will do, Thank you so much.
  2. Student02

    NCLEX help

    I do have majority of my class text books, either paper or ebook yes, & it wasnt any big college, it was more of the smaller career college.
  3. Student02

    NCLEX help

    I've failed NCLEX twice. I finished school in September of 2019, took my first exam on Dec.17 in hopes of starting the year fresh and unfortunately did not pass. I used Kaplan which I feel like I learned nothing from and mark klimek which is a little outdated but did helped me remember some content. I completely blanked first attempt and dont remember absolutely nothing from that first exam, I knew I failed but was still devastated. I took a bit to myself and then tried it all over again. I set my test date for March.17 & due to covid I had to reschedule to yesterday, May 26. I was so confident this time around. I used UWorld, I even tested a high chance of passing NCLEX on their practice exam for NCLEX. I just dont know what to do now, I feel so unmotivated, I feel like I'm never going to get it. I was so confident this time and to see the words " fail " on the laptop just destroy me. I dont want to do it again, I dont know what else to study. I can tell I've made progress in my learning but obviously it's not good enough. I need help, I cant even afford to do all this, I'm lucky to have my mom and boyfriend by my side through all of this, helping me. I dont know what else to study. I did all UWorld questions, even multiple times. Anyone have any recommendations? I'm just so drained at this point and dont know what else to try..
  4. Student02

    Passed NCLEX After Failing

    I am going through exactly this. But for NCLEX RN. I honestly felt like I didn't learn anything from Kaplan the first time I tested for the exact same reason that my school paid for it. I got UWorld the second time and learned so so so much more but unfortunately I still did not pass. I would still recommend UWorld because I learned how to answer questions and it did teach me a lot, their rationales are amazing, I couldnt understand Kaplan rationales at all. I wish you nothing but the best on your next attempt. I'm just here trying to find motivation to keep trying LOL I feel exactly as you do, stuck and in a bad place.

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