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Nursy Nurse BSN, RN

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Nursy Nurse has 11 years experience as a BSN, RN and specializes in Emergency Room.

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  1. Nursy Nurse

    Help! Got a job offer... working days vs. a job I want more

    First find out if the offer is for an RN position. Then take the night position. It'll give you time to focus on your learning. no families or management skulking around questioning you. If you reread your post, you'd see the pro's for the night shift position outweigh the day one. Go with your gut feeling though. you'll be using that a lot in your nursing career. Commute can be a huge factor too. good luck
  2. Nursy Nurse

    RN Pay in Port Charlotte/Cape Coral?

    Can anyone help me on the average hourly rate for an experienced ER and/or Occ Health RN? I have more than 10 years experience and will be applying to positions in the next year or so. When I go online there's quite the range. (18-30/hr), but when I reference Boston (in glassdoor, etc.), where I work now, it's not that accurate. I know it's going to be a pay cut and I am not worried about that, I'm just trying to figure out how much to expect. I am also not worried about switching specialties, if needed. Any information anyone can give is appreciated. Thanks!

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