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  1. Tracy653

    2nd Opinion Successful???

    Did he BOM accept the eval?
  2. Tracy653

    What defines addict

    I was wondering that also. I was put in the monitoring program after failing one test for thc. I have been a nurse for 20 years and have passed all tests other than this one. I very rarely would fail one. I recently started a new job and now already unemployed again due to this. I also heard that your liscense will always have a discipline mark on it. The rest of my career as a nurse I will be treated like an addict.
  3. Tracy653

    Class Action Lawsuit

    Me too!
  4. Tracy653

    Finding a job with pending accusation

    I’m in Arkansas. Nothing showed up on my liscense check until after I accepted their offer of discipline. In saying that, I highly recommend that you get a lawyer. Afterward, you will have difficulty getting or keeping a job.

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