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If a nurse can financially afford to complete the monitoring program after a failed drug test, does the way they are viewed ever change or will you always have the same issues u face while in monitoring? I am a nurse of 20 yrs. I am an occasional social Drinker and every now and thc user. I have never had issues with any jobs worked and passed all drug tests but one. I am currently in program with no issues except the way to keep covering to high cost. I have also now had trouble with the way I am viewed at jobs due to the encumbered license. I was told this stays on your license forever. If the same treatment continues  for one thc failing after 20 yrs of Nursing with all other good reports, I’m thinking something is very wrong with this program for any addict for sure. I am a very positive person for the most part but I have to say I would have never believed the negative results this program has had. Maybe someone with plenty of financial assistance would b OK but otherwise are u just screwed from here on? Also for the states that have decriminalize thc did this change anything with the board?

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