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  1. Tracy653

    Call to action! Nurses in Monitoring Programs

    Is this still happening? I am currently in a monitoring program. I am a nurse of twenty years. No issues with my job performance and all tests passed until the last one. I had no idea what nurses had to go through with the board!! I have been appalled at the treatment, inconsideration, and just plain disrespect a nurse is required to put up with to keep their license. Then when adding in the financial part... I have not found very many who have been positively affected by this program and feel it is doing a lot harm to many. And it never ends apparently since u have it on your license from then on. I’m not usually one to get in the middle of issues but this one I would be willing to put my all into. Plenty of time as I am jobless because of the “encumbered license”.
  2. Tracy653

    Affinity monitoring

    I’m with you here! When I asked about options for assistance with the program I was asked “would u like to talk to someone about surrendering license”. I’m OK to pass all and every test that they want to give me but financially unable! I have only failed one drug test in my whole 20 yrs of nursing! Passed all from affinity and now they say well just give up and surrender? I’m really confused. I assumed this program would not b a problem as I very seldom have a problem passing a drug test but apparently no one cares about your past only your most recent issue. Well I’m kinda starting to get just slightly pissed here and wondering if this program is just here to torment anyone who makes a mistake in life? And how in the hell is being tagged and addict for every job u go to supposed to help? Is there any addicts out there this program helped? I’m pretty sure most ended up worse off from stress and worry that was caused here. I about to the point now if advising any drug addict to become a criminal. It appears they have many more rights and way more assistance with finance than nurses.
  3. I also signed agreement without an attorney. I didn’t think it would be any big deal as I only drink or use thc on social occasions. I have since then been shown the error in my thinking. How the hell have the boards gotten away with treating nurses so horribly all these years. The drug convicts get treated better. I do not even think I can financially finish this program. What r my options after signing? Do I either find a way or just give up license? I have only failed one drug test in all 20 yrs of nursing and now I am treated like I was out committing felony crimes. A punishment sure but this..... geez

  4. Tracy653

    Indiana agreements

  5. Tracy653

    Started ARNAP in February

    I set alarms to check in. 6 months in and I also have been treated worse than I have ever been in my life. I’m a nurse of 20 yrs. I am also an occasional social drinker or at times thc. One failed tests with no oTher issues at any job. Now, I am unemployed and thinking a punishment is one thing but this is like backing me in a corner financially. Does it ever end? Do employers ever quit thinking u r some sort of criminal they are doing a favor if u are hired? How have all of u guys dealt with this and for so long and why do u think it’s worth it? I was told this stays permanently on my license. Does this mean that I will forever be treated with disrespect and humiliated wherever I go try to b a nurse. If so, I am not a women who deals with that kind of treatment for long. I think way to highly of myself. And how does this even help an addict unless they have plenty of cash? Are there addicts out there that this caused them to regress? It seems pretty stressful to me as I now can’t find a job and can’t afford to test if selected! A friend of mine is married to an ex drug addict. He was arrested for drug related issues then went through a rehab. He received financial assistance and medical assistance whether he could pay or not. A nurse is just screwed unless they have money in Arkansas. I have asked if there was assistance when no one would hire you. My advice was “would u like someone to call you about surrendering your license”. Not an addict but if I was it seems convicts are even treated better than nurse. I am thoroughly confused at this point in how this even comes off as beneficial to anyone at all...
  6. Tracy653

    After probation

    If a nurse can financially afford to complete the monitoring program after a failed drug test, does the way they are viewed ever change or will you always have the same issues u face while in monitoring? I am a nurse of 20 yrs. I am an occasional social Drinker and every now and thc user. I have never had issues with any jobs worked and passed all drug tests but one. I am currently in program with no issues except the way to keep covering to high cost. I have also now had trouble with the way I am viewed at jobs due to the encumbered license. I was told this stays on your license forever. If the same treatment continues for one thc failing after 20 yrs of Nursing with all other good reports, I’m thinking something is very wrong with this program for any addict for sure. I am a very positive person for the most part but I have to say I would have never believed the negative results this program has had. Maybe someone with plenty of financial assistance would b OK but otherwise are u just screwed from here on? Also for the states that have decriminalize thc did this change anything with the board?
  7. Tracy653

    Ohio RN in recovery.... please help

    I have the same issue in Arkansas! I love the petition idea. I am very willing to help. Nurse of twenty years with no issues and one failed drug test for thc. I can’t believe that nurses have been going through this and I never knew!! I have reach the point that if I was ever going to start doing drugs it would b now LOL. I believe the disease of addiction is not dealt with in this profession. I am a social occasional thc or alcohol user. I happened to get tested on the wrong day. I never dreamed that none of the prior good I did would count and I am now just considered an addict at ever job if I even get the job. It’s crazy the difference in drug addicts in the community treatment options and assistance as opposed to nurse addicts or any other nurse in the program. I at the time had no idea what to do and just sign the paper and started doing what I was informed to do. After some research and seeing all the options, I do wish there was more information out there for those that never think this will happen to them. I can also see how many cannot financially or even mentally stay in these programs.
  8. Tracy653

    VDAP Testing Cost Heads Up

    WOW! I am in Arkansas. Five children. My husband and I both work. I am considering surrendering my license after 20 yrs due to cost. We r unable to pay fees and have a home. I think this is a way of pushing several of us out of program without them looking bad. I have failed one drug test in 20 yrs of nursing and now gonna b starting over. Almost enough to push someone to drugs I’m thinking
  9. Tracy653

    How I inform interested employers of my past.

    If u get lucky u may find someone to give u a chance either way. For the most part u either don’t get hired or u are hired then basically harassed until u quit or do something of any kind that can constitute u being fired.
  10. Tracy653


    Lawyer ASAP do not talk to anyone about the situation but your lawyer
  11. Tracy653

    What happens?

    I know I sound a little upset right now. And I truly am. I had no idea nurses were being done this way for many years. I have a friend whose husband went through a drug rehabilitation after being charged with a drug related crime. It is crazy to see the difference in how he is viewed and treated after seeing and hearing what happens in the nursing profession.
  12. Tracy653

    What happens?

    What happen is an occasional social drug user starts contemplating becoming an addict from the stress and money. If u do get hired, u will usually not be treated as other nurses but will be treated in such a way u either quit or hope to b fired unless u are extremely lucky. From my experience it seems the nurses who do have a drug problem are pushed back into drugs from the treatment of being enrolled in the program. This is just what I see after reading many stories. I felt something had to b wrong with me since this program was causing such a negative effect in my life. Now I think it’s a way the board can say they tried to help and make themselves look good before pushing u to surrender. I have only failed one drug test in my whole 20 years of nursing. I have passed every test through affinity. I also have lost a job for the very first time. It doesn’t really matter if u are a great or a poor nurse. All that matters is u have the funds they want. U may do a fantastic job at a facility, but the corporate doesn’t usually care and will find a way to get u out and make u look like the bad guy. Also, lawyers seldom want to take your case either way because “you are obviously a drug addict” and should just accept the treatment u receive. If u do not allow others the humiliate and harass u, then u, of course, are either on or want to take whatever drug u failed for. I am amazed that there are this many nurses with horrible stories about treatment and unfairness and nothing has ever been done about it. I always thought nurses were stronger women than this. Is there nothing we can do to help out each other? Are we just supposed to stand aside and watch and hope it doesn’t happen to us?
  13. Tracy653

    BON investigation in Missouri (new here/scared)

    Once the mark is on your record u are labeled a drug user and not many want to help. They don’t care what your story is the whys or how u came to be in the state u were in at all. The corporation will either hire u and treat u in ways making u quit or find another way to get u out of their facilities. Every now and then someone gets lucky enough to find a boss to work with them. I AM FEELING that the board is pushing so many of our nurses down into whatever state they r trying to climb out of quickly back in. I felt so alone with my issue and when I got on the internet, I found this has been going on for years. We NEED to band together and help each!! there are many ways to get help, check around your area and get the help u need. We are all people here too. If u seek help outside of the board there are so many cheaper and more considerate ways.
  14. Tracy653

    BON investigation in Missouri (new here/scared)

    DO NOT speak with board. Hire a lawyer immediately. I just posted my story on another thread. If u want to continue your career In nursing, get a lawyer!!
  15. Tracy653

    it all just stinks

    I’m pretty sure if I was going to have any kind of drug issues it would happen right now. I’m just not cursed with that disease. For those who are, is the BOM driving many back to addiction or helping. The stress is killing me here and I had no idea that this has been happening for years to many of our fellow nurses. It really makes me soooo angry and some days I just want to gather a group of nurses and go to board and rant there about what the are doing to the nursing profession!

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