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  1. FuturenurseAli

    HFCC Winter 2017

    I applied for Fall 2020. Can you tell me what the nursing school schedule is like, what days you have lectures and clinical and the time frames as well. I’m trying to figure out if I’ll be able to stay at my job once in the nursing program. Thanks
  2. FuturenurseAli

    HFCC Fall 2020

    Seems like we are in a similar situation but let’s hope for the best. With them waiving the HESI exam I just feel like their will be way more applicants. I’ve never really checked into Chamerberlain. What’s the process for them?
  3. FuturenurseAli

    HFCC Fall 2020

    It’s not as high as I would have wanted it to be because I have a C in psy 131. Now I’m a little nervous that I didn’t retake it with all the applications they will be receiving but I’m keeping my fingers crossed and hoping for the best. All my credits are from HFCC as well. Keep me posted! And I will do the same, I wish the deadline wasn’t that far away.
  4. FuturenurseAli

    HFCC Winter 2020

    I'm also applying for fall 2020. Can anyone share what the nursing school schedule is like. Thanks
  5. FuturenurseAli

    HFCC Fall 2020

    Hello everyone, are there any HFCC students here applying for fall 2020? Let’s keep in touch here, what are your thoughts about the HESI exam being waived for this semester? Let’s all keep in touch and shared thoughts and experiences.

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