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  1. Navy reserve nursing experiences

    Hi all, I am in an accelerated BSN program that is finishing in a year and am considering Navy reserve nursing once I graduate/am licensed. For background I was in the Marine Corps for almost 7 years (I got out as a Captain/O-3) so I am accustom...
  2. Drexel ACE (Spring 2022)

    Congratulations! From what I understand our cohort will start in the Center City campus and then around halfway through our program they will be opening a new building that is over by the main campus in University City. I am not from Philly but prett...
  3. Drexel ACE (Spring 2022)

    Congrats! Thank you for making a group for the cohort - looks like it's time to revive my old facebook account ?
  4. Drexel ACE (Spring 2022)

    Thanks for this info! I think I was somehow getting the info for the Fall cohort because I got a CastleBranch email and was sweating that I hadn't done it yet LOL. Congrats to everyone who has gotten in!
  5. Drexel ACE (Spring 2022)

  6. Drexel ACE (Spring 2022)

    It took about two months, but there was a hold up with some of my transcripts and I think it was around a month from after they got all of my official transcripts that I heard back. Good luck!!
  7. Drexel ACE (Spring 2022)

    Hi! I definitely recommend applying even though the priority deadline has passed - from past threads it looks like lots of people get in well after it (I don't think my official transcripts made it in time for it either). My stats are 3.84 undergrad ...
  8. Drexel ACE (Spring 2022)

    Hi Everyone! I know it is probably early for most, but wanted to start a thread for people applying or admitted to Drexel's ACE program for Spring 2022. I just got accepted and am planning on attending. Would love to connect with some future cla...
  9. Portage Chemistry 121

    Good luck! Want to provide a little reassurance that the class is totally doable! I was very scared I’d fail and ultimately did pretty well... just had to dedicate a TON of time to it!
  10. Drexel ACE Program (Fall 2021)

    Hi! Congrats to everyone who got in for this fall! I am looking to apply for Spring 2021 and had a couple questions maybe you all could help with: - Did you also add each place you did your prerequisites under academic information in the ma...
  11. UPENN BSN MSN 2021

    Weird! I sent another one - hope it works this time!
  12. UPENN BSN MSN 2021

    Thank you so much! I would definitely be interested in hearing your thoughts on this - I will send you a message.
  13. UPENN BSN MSN 2021

    That’s a relief to hear - thank you!
  14. UPENN BSN MSN 2021

    Thank you for offering to answer people's questions! I am actually lurking on this thread as I am planning on applying to Penn next year as an ABSN/MSN student. Something I am trying to figure out right now is how much more selective the ABSN to MSN ...
  15. UCLA MECN 2021

    I just got back from a run and saw all these posts and truly panicked! Does everyone seem to have one? I just checked and mine does as well (not a previous UCLA grad). If we all do it’s probably safe to assume it’s just something they added to track ...