Navy reserve nursing experiences


Hi all,

I am in an accelerated BSN program that is finishing in a year and am considering Navy reserve nursing once I graduate/am licensed. For background I was in the Marine Corps for almost 7 years (I got out as a Captain/O-3) so I am accustomed to the military generally, and fairly oriented to the Navy since I did a deployment on a Navy ship. I don't have much desire to go back on active duty but am seriously considering Navy reserve nursing.

I was curious if anyone could share their experiences, benefits and disadvantages, etc. I am especially interested in hearing what drill is like and for new grads going in do you get/choose a specialty from the time you start? I know that for prior service officers there is a shortened ODS and if anyone knows if you can attend that before licensing (trying to be efficient with my school breaks!) that would be great to learn too.

Sorry for all of the questions! Basically TLDR just curious about some first hand experiences with Navy reserve nursing. Thank you!