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  1. Lovelylifestlye

    Anyones experience with UWorld self assessment. How accurate is it?

    Thank you for the reply Michelle! I made the mistake the first time on just relying on UWorld since the people around me said that was all I needed. But now, I have a condensed study guide and have been using the Hurst content videos! I took a second assessment today and received a borderline passing, so I'm not going to hold too much weight on the grades..
  2. Hi everyone, Just wondering how accurate the self assessments are on UWorld. This will be my second chance of taking the NCLEX and I received "very high" chance of passing, in the 61st percentile. Usually I do terrible on these mock exams, before my last exam I received low. I've switched my studying style and have been studying everyday. This was definitely a confidence booster, but I've seen others in the forum who have stated they received that result and still failed. Would appreciate anyones else experience with this! Thank you!
  3. Hey everybody I was wondering if this has happened to anyone else. I just recently took my NCLEX and I am still waiting for my results. I did all 130 qs and that was the end of it. I was waiting for my 48 hour period to end but received an email that my temporary nursing license that "emergency graduate licenses "expire automatically upon failure". I was devastated upon reading that and I am just a ball of nerves now. I still have two days to wait for quick results. Can I take this as me not passing?
  4. Lovelylifestlye

    Words of Encouragement?

    Hello, Congratulations on almost finishing! I'm a nursing student as well, on my last semester. I definitely understand the move toward online classes being difficult. I've been having a hard time motivating myself to study or getting into a routine. But we have to stay strong! Just keep reminding yourself how close you are to the finish line. Once you have that degree in your hand you'll see all this heartache and stress is worth it.. Also, from hearing alot of nurses stories when I went to clinical, I was told the NCLEX was easy compared to our exams during class! Crazy right? Just remember, practice questions, practice questions, and practice questions. Whenever I have a hard time studying, I look up videos on Youtube about the subject I'm learning about and just watch them, maybe that will help 🙂 Please, if you have a good lead professor reach out to them! I have a mentor my school assigned to me who I am able to talk with for any questions or concerns! Remember, they are their to help you succeed 🙂 Good luck!
  5. Do you plan to start working toward your BSN after graduating or will you work as a nurse for the time being and get it a bit more down the road? I'm asking this as I finish my final semester of nursing school. I'm very conflicted right now and would like to hear others opinions or experiences with this. Thank you!