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Anyones experience with UWorld self assessment. How accurate is it?


Hi everyone, 

Just wondering how accurate the self assessments are on UWorld. This will be my second chance of taking the NCLEX and I received "very high" chance of passing, in the 61st percentile. Usually I do terrible on these mock exams, before my last exam I received low. I've switched my studying style and have been studying everyday. This was definitely a confidence booster, but I've seen others in the forum who have stated they received that result and still failed. Would appreciate anyones else experience with this! Thank you!

I took my NCLEX on the 4th of this month and I passed. I used UWorld and had a very high chance of passing on both of my assessments. However, that does not really correlate to the NCLEX. I think UWorld is great for content and teaching you how to critically think. I personally felt that the actual practice questions were harder than the assessments. Also, UWorld does not cover every topic so a condensed study guide might be of help as well

I should also add that I know people that used exclusively UWorld. Had lower chances of passing based on the self assessments and still passed the NCLEX first time. The experience is very individual

Thank you for the reply Michelle! I made the mistake the first time on just relying on UWorld since the people around me said that was all I needed. But now, I have a condensed study guide and have been using the Hurst content videos! I took a second assessment today and received a borderline passing, so I'm not going to hold too much weight on the grades..