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  1. CSUDH RN to BSN Fast Track 2022

    It’s on zoom, I believe 11:30-1. I didn’t see anything about in person. Do you know anyone else who has gone through this program?
  2. CSUDH RN to BSN Fast Track 2022

    Awesome! Way to get ahead! I didn’t even know about this program last Summer otherwise I might’ve tried starting then. From what I could find online, others have said that the program isn’t too difficult. And the Instructors I have for my courses had...
  3. CSUDH RN to BSN Fast Track 2022

    Yayy that’s awesome 👏🏽 I’m signed up for orientation tomorrow. Did you attend one already? My name is Nick. I just finished my 3rd semester of my ADN in Fresno. Just one more semester to go! But trying to get ahead with the BSN. Whe...
  4. Fresno City College - Fall 22/Spring 23

    I would refer to the handbook, but one area you can work on is gathering all your documentation on your immunization history (chickenpox, Tdap, MMR, Flu, COVID 2dose + booster, Hep B). If you've lost your documentation then you can get titers showing...
  5. Just paid for my Summer courses (BSN 302, 346) today. Anyone else starting this program this Summer? Or anyone further in the program care to share how its gone so far? Thanks!
  6. ARC Fall 2020 Lottery

    I don't see that message either.
  7. College of the Sequoias ADN Fall 2020

    You should submit two copies of your official transcripts from other schools with your application packet.
  8. ARC Fall 2020 Lottery

    I don't have a problem with starting in the Spring. But I wish they would let us know sooner also..
  9. I would be skeptical of a completely online program also. While virtual simulation can be helpful I don't think it should be the primary means of learning. As nurses we will need to be hands on, thus our education/learning should be also. But the sit...
  10. I see. That's a good option to have if the program allows you to defer acceptance to the next semester. I was selected for a program in Spring 21 and listed as an alternate for another program in the fall. Originally I was going to try to get into t...
  11. I am seeing more and more programs and universities shifting their fall curriculum to fully online platforms and adopting new policies to adapt to the current situation. One of the nursing programs I applied to for fall 2020 is instead accepting stud...
  12. ARC Fall 2020 Lottery

    I just saw that my application status was updated to qualified yesterday afternoon. Hopefully they're continuing their review process and will conduct the lottery/notifications before September ?
  13. SCC ADN Fall 2020

    This was my first time applying. I applied to 4 schools: ARC, SCC, Fresno City college (FCC), and College of the Sequoias (COS). I wasn't selected at SCC, still waiting for ARC, selected as an alternate at COS, and selected for Spring 21 at FCC.
  14. ARC Fall 2020 Lottery

    WOW!, I just got the email also. Thanks for the update! I understand pushing the start date back since current nursing students will be repeating their semesters but I wish they would have kept the same notification date for the applicants?
  15. Fresno City College Fall 2020/Spring 2021

    Yes, I logged in this morning and haven't had any issues re-logging in.