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  1. deroxxy

    UC Davis New Grad Residency Fall 2020

    Yes the cohort is based on the unit availability. But what am emphasizing is the interview that some of us are worried about. My sources say " They want to start sending invite to the August cohort and by the time they accept their offers, they will start interviewing October cohort.
  2. deroxxy

    UC Davis New Grad Residency Fall 2020

    Thank you Mia. I said this some time before about 2 different start dates. Someone on the platform said there isn't anything like that. The priority right now is August cohort before October. There was an option as to when you want to start. Either you choose August as a start date or October. But you have to put down the date. Anyway thank you for your help.
  3. deroxxy

    Stanford RN New Grad Program October 2020

    Good luck to you too
  4. To all New Grad RN's
  5. deroxxy

    UC Davis New Grad Residency Fall 2020

    @MurseJojo. I think you can apply for both. It's a different department. But don't tell them you also applied for a different position so you don't lose any opportunity.
  6. @amar2 Very good. I did the same thing too. I wish you all the best of luck. We have a long way to go.
  7. Very Good, did you get to upload the clinical hour's table as well?
  8. deroxxy

    UC Davis New Grad Residency Fall 2020

    Address to Nurse Recruitment
  9. Hi Plantgirl123 You only need one cover letter. You just need to specify on the cover letter which unit is your first and second choice. You will also get the opportunity of picking up your first and second choice unit when filling the online application.
  10. HI..amar2 After you submit your application using just the resume. Go back to my My Job applications. Attach the remaining files under My Cover Letters and Attachments.

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