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  1. babiwang6

    Thoughts on MDAnderson in Houston TX

    Hi, I would like to open a discussion about MDAnderson in Houston TX. Specifically the one at TMC. I recently got an offer from them, and I would like to know what other nurses that are currently working, or used to work for them have to say. Also, do they offer opportunity to cross train? for example to OR? (I have almost 2 years of experience in med surg and surgical trauma)
  2. babiwang6

    Breaching StaRN Contract

    Did you ever hear from them asking for the money? what advice did you get from the lawyer? I quit a month ago and I got a letter from a third party company asking for the money back. Some people from the same cohort but different hospitals also quit and didn't hear from them. I would appreciate the info. Also, so happy you found a better work place!! Thank you!
  3. babiwang6

    HCA StaRN contract

    Hello, I'd like to open a discussion about HCA and the contract that they make you sign when you go through their residency program for nurses. I quit a month or so ago, and I got the letter where they are asking for the money back. I contacted a lawyer because I know of someone who got a out, talked to a lawyer and was not required to pay anything back. However, due to the coronavirus the lawyer is taking forever to get back to me (social distancing, doing everything through email and phone). Has anybody have experience with this and got out? I appreciate the help.
  4. babiwang6

    HCA StaRN contract

    Hello!! I broke my contract last month and I got a letter from "Benefit Recovery Group" asking for the money back. I was wondering if you could share with me what happened after you received the letter? It's not fair to pay $10,000 "for a training", that's money I never received. If you have any info I'd appreciate it.