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Hi- My name is Sarah and I am a recent new grad nurse working on a cardiac telemetry med-surg floor with a few step down beds in conjunction to the floor

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Sgates99 is a BSN, RN and specializes in Registered Nurse.

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  1. I'm a recent new grad (graduated this past May) and just started working this September. I will be coming off of orientation at the end of this week and I feel a bit odd about it? Like I know that its very common to be nervous about being "on your ow...
  2. Sgates99

    New grad worried about getting off orientation

    I absolutely feel you! I'm a recent new grad as well- I'm just getting off of orientation by the end of this week and I'm getting nervous. It's been really hard adjusting to nights. I'm also on a rotating day and night schedule and it has really suck...
  3. Sgates99

    MCPHS ABSN Boston Fall 2022

    Hi - My name is Sarah and I just graduated from MCPHS this past Spring (I have been a student there since 2018) however, I switched my major halfway through and graduated with my BSN this May. I personally did not really enjoy the education I receive...
  4. Sgates99

    Article Contest: How is the Covid 19 Affecting Your Life?

    I am in a very unique situation. I am just entering nursing school and unfortunately due to the spread of the virus, all of my plans have been changed/moved around. To start this complicated story we have to look back a few years ago as I was a high ...
  5. I'm going to be a 2nd year nursing student (who is transitioning from a previous program within my university, into the nursing program) I do not start the nursing program officially until Spring of 2020 (This is the accelerated 3 - year BSN program ...