Advice for coming off of orientation


I'm a recent new grad (graduated this past May) and just started working this September. I will be coming off of orientation at the end of this week and I feel a bit odd about it? Like I know that its very common to be nervous about being "on your own"... but also I just don't know where I stand? I'll be just completing my first 12 weeks at my job - I work on a cardiac med surg/ that takes step down patients as well. My hospital is fairly small as our ICU only has 12 beds so a lot of the time our step down patients are fairly acute...

I just worry about the things I don't know... the saying you don't know what you don't know? 

I worry that I haven't picked up on the things that I missed in school (a lot since it was pandemic nursing school and my program is now under academic warning) 

I know I should really sit down with my manager since communication about preparedness hasn't really been a thing... but I'm just wondering if this is normal or not?