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Future Nurse! BON Secours Memorial College of Nursing '23🌻

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  1. Livie B

    BSMCON Spring 2021

    Hello! I've applied to the BON Secours Memorial College of Nursing for Spring 2021, and I was wondering if anyone is in the same boat? How are you guys feeling?? Anxious/excited? I can't wait to hear back. Fingers crossed for us!
  2. Livie B

    Bon secours memorial college of nursing fall 2020

    Hi guys, I am applying for the Spring term- do you guys have any advice? I'm trying to get an idea of my chances. The standardized testing requirement was waived for this cohort. I have a 3.95 GPA at the moment, and I am finishing up some last prerequisites.
  3. Livie B

    J Sargeant Reynolds Fall 2020

    Is this a career or a degree switch for anyone else?
  4. Livie B

    J Sargeant Reynolds Fall 2020

    I hope they go with GPA and an essay! I'm applying too and can't take the HESI with the CORONA situation.
  5. Livie B

    John Tyler Community College Fall 2020

    Is anyone else applying with the new extended deadline? I'm waiting to find out more information, and I'm a little nervous with TEAS testing centers being closed 😅