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BSMCON Spring 2021


Hello! I've applied to the BON Secours Memorial College of Nursing for Spring 2021, and I was wondering if anyone is in the same boat? How are you guys feeling?? Anxious/excited? I can't wait to hear back. Fingers crossed for us!

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Hello Livie B. Hope you are staying safe. I applied too and I’m very anxious since this is my 3rd attempt. I am praying for the best for us. God bless. 🤍

Good luck to you TripleH! I really hope we both get in. I heard that we will find out by next week, but I've still been checking my email multiple times a day. Can I ask what your experience was applying in the past and what feedback you got?

I know this time is a little different with standardized test scores not being evaluated because of covid. 

My first application was for Spring 2020 and I got the letter of regrets exactly a year ago today (Oct. 1,2019). My application for Fall 2020 was unfortunately placed on the waitlist. Got the letter on April 29 (too early). I have a Bachelor’s degree and took ALL of my prerequisites at a CC. Hoping for the best and hope we both get in. 🤍 

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Hello Livie B. Check your email. I just got an mail from them. Good luck! 

AH nothing yet! Did you get in??

Still on the waistlist. If your GPA is more than 3.5, I’m sure you’ll get in. Good luck!! 

I really hope a spot opens for you!! I applied with a 3.9 so fingers crossed. I am refreshing my email a little too frantically😅 Thank you!

You will for sure! please still update us on the status of your application. 🤍

I just got in! My heart is pounding. I really hope you get some good news! 

Congratulations! You’ll be a great nurse! Thanks. 🤍