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  1. Has anyone done their BSN through them? Is it a legit for moving on to graduate/NP schools etc.? I heard they give letter grades which I heard is good for if you want to continue onto higher learning after your BSN. Should I do it through there or do...
  2. I got in OMG!! Whoever didn't get in don't be worried. I have been applying to schools for couple years. You can do it keep trying!
  3. cookie123d

    Pasadena City College California LVN program 2022

  4. Nah, whats the point, people have been complaining about her for years and shes still there. Plus honestly even if I were to win the complaint and go back to the school and have her as my teacher again LOL no thanks. I don't need that much drama
  5. cookie123d

    Nursing School Fail out

    Did you talk to the clinical teachers and ask why you failed? Did they literally just fail you but never say what you are doing wrong?
  6. I’m in California, I’m sure you know how hard it is to get into nursing school here. My GPA wasn’t great so I got lucky to get into a community college program by lottery selection, no way I would get in merit-based schools! The first 8 weeks we were...
  7. cookie123d

    Pasadena City College California LVN program 2022

    did you get accepted? I never got an email and I called and they said they only sent out emails to ppl who were accepted or alternates so ya.....we probably didn't get in LOL. Whatever that place kind of gave me a bad vibe anyway tbh..
  8. it says on or before June 15 on the website
  9. cookie123d

    Pasadena City College California LVN program 2022

    what were your stats if you don't mind me asking? this is my second time applying and I raised up my grades 🙂
  10. Hi just wanted to see if anyone else has applied 🙂
  11. Hi just wanted to see if anyone else has applied 🙂
  12. cookie123d

    Pasadena City College straight LVN program 2021

    Hi how did your program go?
  13. I know, but im in california and its really hard to get in a public cheap nursing program like I did so....I have no choice but to stick it out or pay like 40k elsewhere 😕
  14. LOL trust me NOBODY will willingly volunteer to be in that lady's class if they do they're crazy, its like volunteering to make your clinical 10 times more unpleasant and stressful. I don't think it would be easy to pass clinical with her, she was ta...
  15. Theres 3 clinical professors, we haven't started clinical yet but we will after the clinical check offs. The people who fail checkoffs get kicked out. My clinical instructor (we can't choose) I ended up with the meanest lady, you know the kind, the o...