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  1. cookie123d

    Pasadena City College LVN 2021

    I got 2 C's and 2 A's so obviously I got rejected, but I'm taking physio again hopefully I get an A, and I will be applying to other lvn/RN programs soon, if I don't get in any of those also I'll just go to private lvn school next year already I cant wait til next august til Pasadena lvn starts that's ganna take forever LOL
  2. cookie123d

    Pasadena City College LVN 2021

    I got an email saying I'm rejected 😕 oh well I'm applying to other programs too
  3. If you have, do you know if community college lvn to RN programs would have any problem taking an applicant that has their lvn license from there since its a private school? it says its accredited by Institutional Accreditation: Accredited by the Accrediting Commission of Career Schools and Colleges (ACCSC), a nationally recognized accrediting agency. Licensure: Concorde Career College is a private Institution that has been granted approval to operate by the Bureau for Private Postsecondary Education (BPPE). but I don't know what all that means...
  4. It's a small program has anyone by any chance gone here how was your experience?
  5. cookie123d

    Pasadena City College LVN 2021

    Hi, just wanted to see who else applied. Also we don't have to take the TEAS test, the health science lady said that the info on pcc's website about lvn students having to pass the TEAS once they get accepted is incorrect and she will fix it. Anyways who else is waiting it out until June or whatever when we'll know 🙂
  6. im waiting to hear back from my college if they would accept the course through an online school westcostt courses or something, im pretty sure they won't since its an online lab and doesn't actually have a real teacher or real lechures, so im pretty sure they won't accept it then I'm not sure what I will do in that case wait a semester or what, 😕
  7. no its in glendale CA
  8. ya but my problem is, the many people who said that even if you get the answer RIGHT on the short answer portion of her tests, she still finds some thing to take points off! all her explanation as to why she does this is "I didn't expect you to write it that way". That is very dangerous, I don't mind a strict teacher, but a teacher who carelessly takes points off and doesn't give you the grade you deserve, thats what my main concern is
  9. Thats good to hear 👀 some of these stories over here and from other people have scared me LOL
  10. It starts feb 16. Thanks
  11. Ya ill do that tommorow. But my faculty is reallly slow to reply if they reply at all so I already know its ganna take forever. I will try this thanks
  12. Hmmm not sure how I will get a hold of him since everythings online now hut its worth a shot 🤔
  13. I’m still a student but I keep hearing the old “All nurses eat their young” and oh it’s a catty field with all women etc. stereotypes. The thing is, I have worked many jobs, in food service, in a tax office, as a CNA etc. Honestly each workplace had some bullies, some catty people, some nice people, it has been like this for every non health field job I have had since. So do people exaggerate this famous saying or is this field just somehow more cattier than any other job?
  14. My school is closed til Monday, I'll ask the nursing counselor this, also I'll ask her if I can take the class online with self pace websites like portrage learning etc, I strongly doubt they will take science classes from those places but I pray they do 😕 I just need nutrition and nothing else, which I will take in 6 week class in January, so I literally just need Microbiology 😕 gurl I wish LOL
  15. hmm everything is online now so I dunno how I would do that....plus I would have to surpass a long wait list of other people
  16. I feel you, same thing happened to me when I ignored psychology class bad ratings the teacher gave us 2 hour long tests, then I took it with someone else and got an easy A...I dunno if its worth wasting a semester but I already dropped anatomy cant afford to drop another science. 😕