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  1. RubyJuly2020

    Help too dumb to register for NCLEX part 2

    OK Please help. I am having trouble figuing out how to register for NCLEX. I have no idea what I'm doing. I don't know why I can't figure this out. I live in Washington State. What do I do first????? it says I have to "Submit an application for licensure/registration to the nursing regulatory body (NRB) where you wish to be licensed/registered." How and where do I do this????? Do I have to be a member of the NRB site first. I look at their site and couldn't find an application area to fill out. Also Do I need to register for the DOH first. $120 dollars?????? or a license????? or do I fill out the Parsons Application $200 fee. I am so lost guys. I honestly don't get why I cant figure out what to fist, second, and third. I keep crying and feel so lost. Am I the only one struggling to figure this out? Or am I mentally defective?
  2. TriciaJ, RN, Thank you so much for your advice. I agree that a all or nothing approach got me nowhere, and I'm done having it hold me back. I won't give up on myself or my future patients. Thank you again, I'm ready to start my career.
  3. RNNPICU, BSN, RN, Thank you for your reply. I know there is nothing stopping me, but the competition for a very popular specialty threw me off. I wasn't really expecting it. I was just an average student nurse. Nothing about me stood out, and I feel getting a highly coveted job will be very difficult. I don't want to keep letting that get in my way of passing the NCLEX. There are other areas of nursing I enjoyed and maybe yes there is a possibility I get a in OB one day. Thank you for the motivation.
  4. LibraNurse27, BSN, RN, Thank you so much for your reply. I am willing to take other jobs and move. I know my dream isn't impossible, just much more difficult than what I expected. A non-hospital OB job in clinic would be amazing. There are other areas of nursing I enjoy, I just got super focused on one area. I'm trying to retrain my brain and find motivation to take the NCLEX. I graduated a year ago, but I'm trying to stop letting this get me down. Again think you for your advice.
  5. sorry for the errors. I tried to edit but It wouldn't let me. Am I the only one with issue with the editing button?
  6. When I was a freshmen in high school, my friend’s mom was a Labor and Delivery nurse. She talked about her job often, and I always found her stories fascinating. I would ask tons of questions, and she noticed I was super interested in OB nursing so she invited me, her daughter, and a group of students from our class, to come to the hospital and show us around. She took us to a class room and talked to us about her job. Showed us different instruments used during labor, and described the process. She even showed us real placenta. Everyone found it gross and uninteresting, but honestly I loved every minute of it. I knew that’s what I wanted to do when I grew up. No other career excited me in any way. Well I graduated high school, went to college and got into nursing school. Once I was in nursing school, I realized that half the nursing students in my cohort wanted OB. I was shocked and disappointed that area was so popular. There are only 3 delivery hospital areas in my area, so obviously not all of us could work there. I also looked online and found out how popular this specialty was, and how extremely difficult it is to get into. My heart sunk. All this work for a pipe dream, when I thought it was a realistic plan. During my clinical rotation I met a nurse that told me she applied to OB several times in the last ten years and couldn't get in. From what I saw she was an excellent nurse, so if she can’t get in, how can I. I was an average student. I absolutely loved learning and my clinical rotations, but nothing about me stands out as an excellent nurse. Other students in my cohort were much smarter, and far more gifted. I’m just OK. I feel like I wasted my life. Other areas of nursing are fine, but not anywhere near as exciting and special to me. I had one day in clinical at the labor and delivery unit, and I thought, this is it! I’ll never work here, but at least I had one day to live my dream. Best day of nursing school ever, even cried after. I graduated nursing school and never took the NCLEX. Every time I sat down to study I got depressed. I feel sick when I think about nursing, and now don’t know what to do. My family is extremely disappointed in me not taking the NCLEX, and just having a minimum wage job. I’m thinking about taking the NCLEX and getting a normal floor job, even though it doesn’t have a strong appeal to me. I feel like an idiot, and wish I could back in time an punch myself. Why did I think it would be so easy? I also had a clinical in the OR and loved it. I looked it up and found out that was hard to get into also but not impossible. from what I understand the hospitals only accept pari-op once a year and there is no guarantee of getting a seat. Any advice would help.
  7. RubyJuly2020

    Please Help. I am too dumb to figure out how to register for NCLEX!

    Thank you for helping. Do you mean application for the license? and the background check and fingerprints. Are my transcripts sent? When will I know to sign up for parsons? Will I get an email?
  8. Help. Please. I'm so desperate and depressed. I am so confused that I'm feeling sick. Why can't I figure this out???? I live in Washington State. I want to register for NCLEX. I can't figure out what to do!!! I know I must register with Parsons with a $200 fee. I also know I need to fill out an application for an RN license. I can't find the application paper on the DOH website. I also don't know I can't test until there is an release of an Authorization to test (ATT). I have no idea how to get that. I also don't know if my transcripts have been sent. I graduated in March 2019. I am so depressed, because I am so lost. If I sign up to parson's and pay $200, then what. How do I submit the paperwork to Washington State if I can't find it? When and where do I submit my finger prints? Where do I submit my background test? AM I TOO LATE. How and where do I send my transcripts? Anyone! I'm honestly begging. I don't know where to start. I am really this dumb, this is not a joke. PLEASE HELP.

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