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Lana717 has 10 years experience as a BSN and specializes in Psych, Med-Surg.

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  1. Just started an NP Program this fall, but made a mistake with waiting to register for a Pathophysiology class, which is a prereq for other classes next semester, now it's too late! Hoping someone can let me know of another school that offers mid term classes!
  2. Lana717

    Thoughts on online Psych NP schools

    That's good to know about Walden... Thanks!
  3. So I've finally decided to pursue my psychiatric NP. I'd prefer the online route and I'm surprised I'm not finding many options for schools. I've found Walden University in MN, Rivier University in NH, and Regis College in MA. That's it! Do you know about other psych NP schools?
  4. It's been quite challenging, as I have one mask, coverall suit, and face shield for the shift. We're told to spray our suit with bleach solution when moving from a confirmed Covid pt room to a non-Covid or r/o Covid. It's awful to think I'm inadvertently spreading the virus to non-Covid patients. Also curious if you are wearing coverall suits (e.g. Tyvek) or the typical contact precaution isolation gown with your Covid patients?