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Lana717 has 13 years experience as a BSN and specializes in Psych, Med-Surg.

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  1. NP/PMHNP Work Culture

    I'd say go for it. There are plenty of jobs, but make sure to attend a local reputable school and avoid diploma mills (e.g., Walden, Chamberlain). I work in psych and know for a fact that clinics and hospitals in my area do not even consider grads fr...
  2. Looking for reviews on MCPHS NP program

    Hi Sarlah, I did start the PMHNP program at MCPHS. I have to say I like their program. It is hard and time consuming, but doable. And I feel supported by most of the faculty.
  3. I'm a PMHNP (psych NP) student looking for a preceptor this fall after the preceptorship I had in place fell through. It's my only medical clinical semester with just 90 hrs needed. It could be ANY medical setting. Does anyone know an NP i...
  4. I've been accepted to both Regis College and the Mass College of Pharmacy (MCPHS), which are local schools here in Boston. I'm hoping to hear from NP students in these programs to help me make a decision. I'd be attending the PMNHP (psych NP) pr...
  5. Pregnant nurses and Covid pt assignment

    Interesting. Thanks for responding!
  6. I was just informed about a Covid outbreak in my psych unit. Half of the pts are positive. I work part time and am scheduled to work a couple of days this week. I really want to ask for time off. I didn't get vaccinated yet because there's no data on...
  7. I was accepted at a couple of schools and I'm having a hard time choosing. My preference is MCPHS but I'd love to hear student experiences with their program. For example, I specifically would like to know if every online quiz is proctored Proct...
  8. Just started an NP Program this fall, but made a mistake with waiting to register for a Pathophysiology class, which is a prereq for other classes next semester, now it's too late! Hoping someone can let me know of another school that offers mid...
  9. Thoughts on online Psych NP schools

    That's good to know about Walden... Thanks!
  10. Thoughts on online Psych NP schools

    That's definitely something to consider. I did find a local program that is traditional..I just need to learn more about their class schedule
  11. Thoughts on online Psych NP schools

    I'll do just that! Thanks for the suggestion
  12. So I've finally decided to pursue my psychiatric NP. I'd prefer the online route and I'm surprised I'm not finding many options for schools. I've found Walden University in MN, Rivier University in NH, and Regis College in MA. That's it! Do you ...
  13. COVID19 and NP school Woes?

    You probably did have covid. Many of my covid positive patients only had low grade fevers, and there's a high rate of false negatives, around 30%?
  14. I'm in the Boston area and extremely overwhelmed by what's happening in our hospital, which is now pretty much all Covid. Our patients are also severely ill. The ones that need just 2-4L n/c O2 are being discharged home with O2 tanks. We're operatin...
  15. That's a lot safer than what we're doing. You just confirmed my suspicions our administration is not doing a good job to protect our patients.