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Lana717 has 12 years experience as a BSN and specializes in Psych, Med-Surg.

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  1. I've been accepted to both Regis College and the Mass College of Pharmacy (MCPHS), which are local schools here in Boston. I'm hoping to hear from NP students in these programs to help me make a decision. I'd be attending the PMNHP (psych NP) pr...
  2. Pregnant nurses and Covid pt assignment

    Interesting. Thanks for responding!
  3. I was just informed about a Covid outbreak in my psych unit. Half of the pts are positive. I work part time and am scheduled to work a couple of days this week. I really want to ask for time off. I didn't get vaccinated yet because there's no data on...
  4. I was accepted at a couple of schools and I'm having a hard time choosing. My preference is MCPHS but I'd love to hear student experiences with their program. For example, I specifically would like to know if every online quiz is proctored Proct...