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  1. Morrigan Downs

    MUSC DNP Fall 2020

    I wanted to start this thread for anyone interested in the Medical University of South Carolina's DNP program set start in Fall 2020 and if any current students want to jump in and talk about your experience, it would be greatly appreciated!
  2. Morrigan Downs

    Top DNP school vs MSN FNP School HELP

    I'm looking for some advice with looming deadlines. I applied to two schools for my FNP. I already have acceptance to MUSC's DNP program as a part time student, which means it will take me 4 years to finish BUT I can get some awesome experience as an RN between now and then. I am anticipating getting accepted to Bellarmine's MSN FNP program which is 2 years. Bellarmine is not ranked whereas MUSC is ranked like 15 this year. I am currently going to MUSC for their ABSN. They have a lot of pros and some cons but all schools do. Bellarmine isn't ranked but they do place people who live in Kentucky for preceptors. MUSC states they will assist but ultimately it is up to us. I haven't heard any negatives on clinical placement issues, but it is a fear and so I'm torn. 4 years part time for a DNP (which I ultimately want anyways) at a school that's local to me and ranked highly but doesn't guarantee placement for preceptors or a 2 year MSN FNP with preceptor placement if I move to Kentucky (don't really want to, but could as a last resort). I can't find any reviews on here for the Bellarmine MSN program. Any help is appreciated!

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