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    Has anyone left nursing job due to COVID19 virus?

    I am curious to find out if anyone has decided to leave their current job due to the risk of this virus? I work in the Emergency Department and we are now being asked to reuse PPE and to prepare for a surge of COVID 19 patients. This makes me sick to my stomach and concerned for my co workers, other patients along with the risk we bring home to our own families.
  2. Tirednurseandmomma14

    Has anyone left nursing job due to COVID19 virus?

    Very informative video from an ICU doctor at Cornell University who is working with Covid 19 patients. It is long but very much worth watching and informative. It did put my mind at ease some but I still agree that we need appropriate PPE to do our jobs safely and effectively.
  3. Tirednurseandmomma14

    Abandoning Ship

    I can relate. I am really struggling at work and all I am exposed to in the ER. I have had many days where I cry on my way home and say I didn't know I was signing up for this. I am so fearful to get this virus and pass it on to my family. Take care of yourself first- you are always dispensable as a nurse.
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    ED nurse to School Nurse

    Hi, I am currently working as an ER nurse. I love what I do but with two little ones starting school soon I have thoughts of finding a position where I am more available to my children and where I get to work with children more consistently. I would want to stay on per diem at the hospital. I am wondering if anyone else has made this transition? Was it a huge pay cut? What has been the most difficult about being a school nurse? What do you love about it? There are job postings through staffing agencies and school districts-what is the difference? Any helpful advice making this transition is appreciated!
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    ED nurse to School Nurse

    I have no idea how to reply to people specifically as I just started using this forum. I really appreciate all the responses. It sounds like it would be very good for my family once the kids are all in school with no more daycare costs. It seems to just depend on the school and who you are working for. I spoke to a girlfriend of mine who is leaving school nursing after 4 years. She said the politics and liability are just too much-she works just with special education children. She said she makes $80,000 a year but that is because of the reimbursement the school gets for the children. I still think I will get my foot in the door by becoming a sub and seeing how I like it and if I like it enough possibily take a full time position if one opens up once my kids are both in school. Your responses make me excited to imagine doing this ☺

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