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  1. newbieRN4

    Masters of Nursing (MN) - University of Alberta

    Hello! Just wondering if you had already applied to the U of A MN program. I'm also interested in applying. Have you thought about the stream that you would like to do (research/education/leadership/community)? I am so curious but could not find a lot of posts about it. Would love to hear back from you. Thanks!!
  2. newbieRN4

    Landing a job with AHS

    Apply to everything. I started with AHS as a casual at the same place I did my preceptorship in. But first job interview I got after was for another casual line at the Royal Alex - Medicine Float Pool. I think they're hiring all the time. I liked working casual tbh. If you have an open availability then you can pick up full-time hours plus more if you like. Plus it gets your foot in the door. Goodluck!
  3. newbieRN4

    Landing a job with AHS

    Thank you for all the advice! I did land a job at an ER in Edmonton. But it's not with AHS. I guess the ENPEP modules is for the whole province not just with AHS. Fortunately, I've done the modules. QUESTION guys - So I don't have a casual line to go back to with AHS. If I get re-hired, do I get my seniority back? I offered to pick up casual shifts for the COVID response but for now I'm flagged as "ready to hire" as per staffing & my temp ends very soon.
  4. newbieRN4

    Landing a job with AHS

    Thank you so much for your advice! I just needed to hear someone else's perspective on this. I used to work at the Alex as a casual and I'm thinking of emailing my former manager. Here's to hoping that they're looking for casuals.
  5. newbieRN4

    Landing a job with AHS

    Hello everyone! I am an RN here in Alberta. I started working in the ER last year in one of the rural communities here. However, I am from Edmonton and would like to move back. I have applied to atleast 30 job postings and only heard back from 1 (w/ AHS). LOL. I went for that interview and think I botched the interview due to feeling quite nervous. I'm hoping I can land an ER job someday but I would still take anything, I just wanna go back home. Does anyone know if they're just posting those jobs but aren't actually filling them?

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