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AHS/Covenant Health Seniority

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For nurses working in Alberta, does anyone know if seniority is portable between AHS and Covenant Health? And if vacation and sick hours are portable as well?


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Totally depends on the union according to some people. Everyone that I know that made the switch lost their seniority/start date.

Seniority is when you start with an organization.

Portability gives you credit towards pay rate.

Vacation and sick hours belong to the organization that gave them to you. So if you were at UofA and moved to RAH, yes they would transfer because both are AHS.

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Yep! If you go on epeople you can print out a letter of portability!

If you are out of scope, AHS does not port your seniority, sicktime and even tries to ding you on vacation accrual.  So if you are moving from Covenant Health to AHS: negotiate and remember is the move worth it?