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  1. amandab13

    USA RN to relocate to Canada

    Might as well try to see if you can be an RN here. But it’s highly unlikely cuz to be an RN you need a degree. LPNs are diploma Exactly. you can’t just come and work. You have to have get some sort of visa. And I have zero clue about that stuff. Sorry.
  2. amandab13

    USA RN to relocate to Canada

    You’re best bet is probably to contact CARNA and see if they’ll accept your ADN first. LPN pay in clinics is usually around $25-$27. Have seen as low as $22 and high as $30. Starting wage here for hospitals is $27. All hospitals in Alberta are union and we are currently going through contract negotiations. (all wages in CND dollars). I’m born and raised in Alberta, Canada 😁
  3. amandab13

    USA RN to relocate to Canada

    As an ADN, I don’t think you’ll be able to register as an RN in Alberta. You’ll have to contact CARNA (College of Registered Nurses of Alberta. The licensing body for RNs in our province). the mix of Days/nights is standard in Canada. Almost all our hospitals are unionized and it’s very rare to get straight days or straight nights. It happens, but not that common. Clinics/doctor offices and private LTC pay significantly less in Alberta then hospitals. Right now in Alberta, it can be very difficult to get hired into a hospital right away. We have too many nurses, not enough positions and a provincial government wanting to lay a lot of us off. (I’m an LPN I’m Alberta. Hit me up for any more questions)
  4. amandab13

    License Cancellation period

    You’ll have to contact your college regarding that as all I know about is Alberta.
  5. amandab13

    License Cancellation period

    I know in Alberta, you have to have a certain number of hours to keep your license. So after 4 years you don’t have the required number (which is 1000 or 1200 I believe) you cannot keep your license but will have to take a refresher course. I would suggest you contact the college of nursing of Ontario. If you go to long you may need to take a refresher program or take the course over again good luck!
  6. amandab13

    Transferring license from Ontario to BC

    Moving from province to province requires you to open an application and resubmit everything again.
  7. amandab13

    Living/working in Newmarket, ON

    Hey! looking to chat with any nurses/hospital staff from the Newmarket, ON area. Long story short, my husband is up for transfer this Spring and he wants to move to Newmarket. I would love to get hired in at Southlake Regional Healthcare Centre. My question is: where the hell do you guys live? The cost of housing is INSANE! $600,000 for a three bedroom townhouse in insanity!! I’m coming from Edmonton/Northern Alberta and I can’t understand how anyone affords to live in the Newmarket area. Do you guys all commute long distances? Any insight into living in the area would be greatly appreciated! Thanks!
  8. Nope. Don’t tell them. None of their business. You don’t need to tell them anything.
  9. amandab13

    USA RN to relocate to Canada

    What she said. move heard it’s a very lengthy process. To be honest, I’m not 100% sure how it all works, but I would start sooner than later. It may take years.
  10. amandab13

    USA RN to relocate to Canada

    One thing I see a lot of you haven’t mentioned is getting a work visa. You just can’t come to Canada to work. And depending on where you want to work, you may get denied. Especially if there isn’t a shortage of nurses (like in Alberta for example. There are more nurses- LPNs and RNs, then positions). Just throwing that out there.
  11. amandab13


    How many different places have you applied?
  12. amandab13

    NP programs - Canada

    Like I said, it was that way. I’m glad to hear it has changed. I knew a girl who wrote Canadian neclex then 6months later wrote another for the US.
  13. amandab13

    NP programs - Canada

    The Canadian Neclex is different than the states. Last year, if you were an RN in Canada, you would have to write another Neclex to work in the US. I’m not sure if has changed in the last year
  14. amandab13

    Two Casual Positions with AHS

    You’ll eventually be allowed to only work at one site. You’ll have to drop one of them.
  15. amandab13

    LPN Refresher Course - Alberta

    The only course I know of is at NorQuest, and is probably not available due to covid. I would contact the CLPNA and they be able to direct you.
  16. amandab13

    Landing a job with AHS

    No problemo! Also, do you have any Emerg courses? ACLS, PALS, TNCC, ENPC, CTAS? In the mean time, I would work on getting those done. Will look better when they do look at your resume!