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    CSUSM ABSN Summer 2021

    Anyone planning on applying to CSUSM's ABSN for Summer of 2021? I know it's early, but their priority deadline is Septmber 30th, 2020. I was hoping we could consolidate questions/info on this thread as we go along. I have one more prereq to go (anatomy this Summer) before my app is complete. Where is everyone else at in the process?
  2. bmancilla21

    CSUSM ABSN Summer 2021

    Ahh OK makes sense. Once they have the general application anything else can be submitted afterwards is how I'm reading it. Good to know!
  3. bmancilla21

    CSUSM ABSN Summer 2021

    It's interesting that they said they could give you a conditional offer! I only have anatomy left and I'm taking it now and they haven't given me anything in terms of my "to do list" or where I'm at in the process. Have you submitted all your official transcripts?
  4. Hi all, For those of you who are applying or have applied to MSJC's ADN program (especially if you got in), can you please let us know what semester you were applying for (Spring for one of twelve spots, or fall for one of twenty four spots) and your points going in? If you want to go above and beyond, let us know your pre-nursing GPA, TEAS score, and anything else you want to add. Thanks in advance!

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