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  1. oceanwaves20

    Has anyone received their ATT in Ohio?

    Hello! I graduated from nursing school in Ohio on May 9 and still have not received my ATT to schedule my NCLEX in Ohio. My job has asked me if I want to apply for a temporary license but said it's up to me. I'm just wondering how much longer it will take to get my ATT; I would rather just start working after I take my NCLEX, but if it could be a month or more until I can schedule it I'm thinking I should apply for a temporary license so I can start working. But since it's $75 I don't want to apply and then shortly after receive my ATT! Anyone who has graduated in Ohio recently, how long did it take to receive your ATT?
  2. oceanwaves20

    Mayo Clinic Arizona Nurse Residency 2020

    I’ve been looking on Dignity Health and haven’t seen any new grad job postings for Phoenix, just California. I tried to email someone and ask about it but never got a response. Maybe they wait to post them a little longer? I also applied to that burn unit one and was rejected pretty shortly after! I saw they still have the posting so I’m wondering why I was rejected if the job is still open I think that job would be cool. I’ve worked in wound care before as part of an internship and I really liked it!

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